Teacher Style File 9.29.09

So Mondays are always one of those days were I have an extra hard time getting out of bed and getting dressed. I am always just wishing I could stay in my slippers and sweatshirt in bed. I am always pressed for time because I slept too late so I usually try to dress comfy and casual on mondays to try to “mimic” my pj feeling. This was the outfit I came up with yesterday. The sweater is so warm and soft and skirts for me are way more comfy then jeans or pants. Its a pretty simple outfit but I liked it.

I have been trying to make brooches lately instead of headbands. Although I hope to have lots of things to update my etsy shop with this week (hopefully). I have also been trying to wear my hair in different ways. I am pretty much a hair down or side pony kinda a girl. Now I know you will say but Jen your is in a side pony here BUT its not in an elastic its all twisted and pinned so its different. Trust me. hehe small steps…




Sweater: Old Navy $20
Pin: A jenloveskev Creation
Demin Pencil Skirt: Gap $40
Boots: Forever 21 $35

I am pretty excited because right after school I am heading out to Worcester to pick up Punky and we are heading out to Boston for some Awesome Boston Fashion Week Events!!! I am excited to dress up!!!

  1. love your brooch. It is so inspiring to see peices put together well without spending a fortune. I have a almost 15 year old daughter and together we love looking at your style shots with item descriptions underneath. Your are awesome!

  2. Love this outfit! I feel the same way on Mondays, but it’s hard for me to get creative and still be comfy like that. You picked a great combination!

  3. I love that pin. I’ll be swingin’ over to your etsy shop soon!

  4. your sweater looks so nice and cozy, and the flower pin makes it very cute. i love your boots too. ~joelle

  5. Brooch= cute = I’d buy one…..
    You are just all-round cute

  6. Gorgeous! That sweater looks so nice and soft 🙂

  7. That brooch is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see more of them.
    Love the boots too. Oh I have such a soft spot for tan boots!

  8. Lovely cozy outfit. I love the brooch!!

  9. This is super cute. I love how simple and comfy it looks!

  10. Oh, I love these boots. So great. And that pin is super cute. I just may have to buy one!


  11. perfect for a monday. loving that brooch!

  12. Your brooch is adorable!

  13. I love your pretty flower brooch! It looks great on your sweater!

  14. I just came across your blog and I’m really enjoying it! I love your teacher style file and, as a fellow academic who loves to dress up for teaching, I’m having fun finding inspiration in your looks! I am also in love with your house and your unabashed use of color – brilliant!

    I look forward to returning to your site often! S.

  15. what a cute little outfit! and the brooch is darling!

  16. love that pin! very cute. awesome boots too, what a steal!

  17. […] outfit was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Jen from Jenloveskev. Her outfit from Monday popped into my head when I saw this sweater. Although this item may look very simple, almost […]

  18. Michelle •

    My favorite part of the outfit is the boots. Adorable! Plus you look very cozy.

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