Last Nights Dinner

This is what I am callings “Jen’s Crazy Awesome Protien Packed Marathon Soup!” (say that 5 times fast)

So technically no I did not eat this alast night but it is what I have been eating everyday at lunch. When the weather starts turning cold I like to make huge batches of soups and then then laddle them out into single servings and save them for my lunches for the week. Because my marathon is 2WEEKS AWAY!!! I have been paying close attention to what I have been eating making sure I am getting all my nutrients and protien because I dont eat meat or most dairy and I want to stay super healthy for my race. I decided I was going to make a soup that would give me lots of protein and vitamins and well just taste amazing!! Mmmmmm. I am sad that I ate the last batch of this soup yesterday for lunch. Time to make some more!! The soup is something I just came up with on my own- feel free to add or take away whatever you would like…


Veggie Stock
V8- I used the High Fiber Kind
Small red potatoes (quatered)
Kidney Beans
Navy beans
Orange Bell Pepper – chopped
Celery – chopped
Carrots- Chopped
Kale- chopped
Fresh Peas
Garlic Powder to taste

I just mixed the broth, v8 and potatoes first and let them cook a little while. Then I added everything else. I dont have an exact measurement for the liquids it is just a prefernce on how soupy you want it. I would add more v8 and broth as I added the veggies and things to keep the ratio of things in the soup to the soup liquid equal. Cook until you like the tenderness of the veggies. I keep mine a little on the firmer side because that is what I like. ENJOY!

P.S Isn’t this photo Kev took of the soup so amazing!!! I think its one of my favorite Last Night Dinner photos yet!!! Plus I just love our green bowls!

  1. wow this looks delicious, pretty easy, and the photo is fantastic! good luck on your marathon, you are going to kill it!

  2. yum-my! thanks for the recipe!

  3. Looks delicious.

    By the way, I made your chili last night. Followed your recipe exactly, except I used stock instead of beer. Very tasty. My vegetarian friends were in heaven.

  4. This soup looks ingenius w/ the addition of V8 as a base too. I can’t wait to make it!

  5. Question. Is there a good vegetable stock you can recommend?

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