Over the Weekend

So this weekend was pretty low key. Friday night I had to help sell baked potatoes for yearbook at The Taste of Lee (I am a yearbook advisor at school). Saturday I woke up at 6 to head out for my long run. I ran 19 miles this week. Whew! Only one more super long run before the marathon. I felt pretty good for most of the run but I could tell that I had a blister. When I took off my shoe my middle toe was completely covered with one giant blister. It was seriously my entire toe. haha so gross.

After I was done we headed out to Worcester- we went and hung out with Adam and Punky for a while before me and Punky left for a thrifting date at savers. I got a sweet black blazer for $6.99. Saturday was also Kev’s moms birthday. When we got over there she surprised us by telling us she ran her first 5k that morning. We were all so proud of her but wished we could have been there to cheer her on!! We spent the rest of the evening bowling, eating Chinese food and cake and just hanging out all together.

Yesterday we were suppose to go to six flags with Sean and Hannah but it poured all day. Booo! Kev and me ended up going to see The September Issue instead. I loved it!!!

Last Thursday I was featured on Glamour Magazines Fashion Blog Slaves to Fashion. It was very cool to see myself up there…


Here are some pics from the weekend…


  1. Oh, how I wish you were my yearbook advisor last year in high school! Mine was awful, and I’m sure you’d have been much more fun. :]

  2. Congrats!

    PS. I just started reading your blog and I’m addicted 🙂

  3. Those bowling pictures are really awesome.

  4. I adore your fashion posts. Your outfits are always super affordable, wearable and cute. I take your style files way more seriously than most fashion magazines.

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