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Hi Everyone!
This is going to be a kind of serious post. I hope that you will all take the time to read this and to watch the short videos below. As I have been writing about for the last few weeks, I am training for a marathon which is on Oct. 10th. This is my very first marathon and training for it has been nothing short of mentally and physically challenging. I first decided to run this as just a goal to accomplish in my life but as I started going through the training I decided that I wanted this to become less about myself and more about making a change in the world. Did you know that…


This is why I teamed up with a charity that I feel very strongly about called Love146. They work very hard to end child sex slavery and exploitation thru their many prevention and aftercare programs. You can look around their website for more information on what these programs are and please take a minute to watch these short videos below. I just rewatched them as I was writing this post and they make me cry every time. This is a problem that is not going to go away on its own. We need to do something, we need to take a stand! Children do not deserve to loose their childhood this way.

I know everyone is short on money these days but if you can spare even a dollar I ask that you would donate to Love146 for my run. Your donations are tax deducible and everyone that donates will receive a small present from jenloveskev as a token of my appreciation. I will be keeping everyone up to date with how my runs are going and of course there will be lots of pictures from the day of the marathon.

PLEASE DONATE TO LOVE 146 (CLICK HERE!!) This brings you right to my marathon donation page. Just scroll thru and fill out the form. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!

*NOTE: I just realized that the online form has a min. of $25. I don’t expect peopleto be able to donate that much (if you can great!) but I know things are tough. If you would like to donate a smaller amount please contact me. I have donation envelopes that I will mail to you, but I am working on seeing if they can fix the min. so you can just donate online as well.

  1. I saw a special on this just last night. Forgive me for being so naive but I didn’t even know what traffiking meant until we were watching the special on msnbc. We honestly couldn’t even finish the program because it made us so sick. Anthony asked me to turn it off. I said “don’t you think it’s better to be informed” and “this is like the stuff you’ll have to deal with when you’re a cop” He agreed, but it still upset him so much. I said “I just wish there was something we could do to help, maybe you’ll be able to make a difference one day when you’re a cop” This is so great of you to choose as a cause to run. I’ve seen so many charities and things that people run for. I know they’re all important, but this is a good thing to run for Jen. I would be happy do donate for you – Good Luck on your run. I’m proud of you.

  2. What a great cause. I actually can’t bring myself to watch the video yet… Just the thought of a child being abused is more than I can handle. I am grateful that you took the time to find such a great way to give back and open the eyes of others, myself included. Good luck on your run, i have made a donation to the charity, am not sure it went to your name specifically, but am grateful to make some small effort into making the lives of these children more positive.

  3. what a great charity, my brother has done a marathon for Love 146 and everyone is so fantastic.

  4. UGH! Makes you want to throw up. It makes you wonder where the parents went? It makes you want to go over and adopt every one of them! It makes you want to beat a whole lot of people up. It makes you wonder why their aren’t laws against it. It makes me sad that if they get out, they will need so much love….so MUCH of it to recover! EIGHT years old??? I am reading a book that has this topic in there now. Thanks for doing this and opening my eyes to this dreadful thing. I will donate….

  5. Philip Taylor •

    Awesome. Send me some pics to post on Terra’s blog.

  6. This is a wonderful cause. Good luck on your marathon! I think that is so awesome.

  7. I don’t think I will ever be able to wrap my mind around the fact that this stuff actually happens. I mean, I know that it does, but my mind gets boggled by the fact that there are enough people that would support this sick and horrific type of market. They are babies…helpless babies. I love that you are running for this charity. I hope to try to donate something, if I can.

    Protect your toes!

  8. Good luck for your run!
    I just made a donation but it said on behalf of Mary Morin???? Sorry I don’t know how that happened. Weird!
    Oh well, at least it all goes to the same charity in the end anyway.

  9. Good luck Jen. It is amazing that you are doing this. I donated a few days ago; I hope you got it!

  10. Hi Jen, I think this is am amazing cause to support, those videos… I would love to donate…I’ll be emailing you. Great Post!

  11. Congratulations on standing ( or should I say running?) up for such a great cause… I did make donation however I don’t know that it ended being on behalf of you because at the very end ( after I could go back and change it) it said someone else’s name… no matter.. the money will still get to them!! hA! Good luck on the race.. it sounds like you have been training really hard! 🙂

  12. @Tina B – there are (some) laws against this, at the very least there are here in Europe. I know this because a coworker of mine is adopting a baby, and the amount of paperwork and investigations he needs to clear is massive. All this administration and the numerous court runs are to eliminate any possibility of trafficking. This has caused him a lot of hassle, but knowing that human trafficking still exists in our world today, you know all the paperwork is ultimately for a good cause. Lets hope all countries will implement these type of laws soon.

  13. […] If you didn’t get a chance to donate or missed my post about LOVE 146 you can read it HERE or can go directly to my donation page and watch. LOVE 146 is such a worthy cause, I will post the […]

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