Teacher Style File 9.24.09

Hi everyone!
So here are my new bangs. Ugh! I think I really hate them. I told them not too short and not too straight but thats exactly how they came out. They are not good. Oh well, they will grow out.

This is one of my favorite skirts! I love the bright, bold polka dots and color. I feel like minnie mouse when I wear it or maybe more like just any Disney character, which of course I love. But I think I like this skirt so much because I made it, remember?

This is my pin. Its for a charity called Love146. I am running my marathon to raise money for them. More on that tomorrow! But go and check out there website and see what they are all about. If you would like to donate money for my run- you can click HERE to donate.


  1. Love the skirt – a bold punch of color! The belt really makes it. And the blouse. And blazer. 🙂 My mom “made” me sew too when I was a kid, but boy am I glad I know how to sew now!

  2. I LOVE how you paired this fun skirt with the blazer!!! So fabulous!

  3. SO very Minnie Mouse. I love it!

  4. That was a lot of fun – it looks great – and wearable, that’s important. I washed mine and it’s so stiff you’d think that i dipped it in cement and let it dry! I was afraid to dry it cuz i didnt wash the fabric first. Did you dry yours?

  5. What! Your bangs are cute!

    Love the outfit too.

  6. I just hopped over from Glamour. I have to say that I love the design of your blog. I also love polka dots and have just recently taken up running 5ks. I think I am going to start following your blog now! Haha

  7. Your bangs are adorable!

  8. I personally love your bangs, but completely understand where you’re coming from. I was what you could call a bang-a-holic (which sounds like something not hair related… let’s say fringe instead?) obsessed with baby fringe. it took a long time to break the cycle. don’t worry, they’ll grow out!

    love the outfit!

    ps- I made your chili last night, it was so easy and so good!

  9. @christina- Thanks for stopping over!
    @Orchid Grey- haha that cracked me up “bang- a- holic” haha I am totally one of those too. I always saw I am going to grow my bangs out and then one morning Ill wake up and the scissors come out and then I end up cutting them usually in a rush and then I have to get them fixed and they end up like this! Glad you liked the chili!

  10. WOW ! Love146 rocks ! My church does a ton of fundraising for them. We have raised 142k to build part of their safe house. It’s a a great organization. Wear that pin proud.

  11. LOVE THE SKIRT. Super cute style, although everyone knows me as the polka dot hater, this is super cute…shh, tell no one!
    Oh, also, your bangs are cute….maybe you’ll become a “bang-a-holic”…husband would approve no? BAHAHA!

    Seriously though, give them a week and you will like them.

  12. I like them on you! Mine are exactly the same after a salon mishap last Saturday. UGH I HATE THEM on my head, like literally, I don’t know what to do with them, so I just keep wearing freaking headbands and/or pinning them back.

  13. Emily Moher •

    you should post a DIY post on how to make this skirt in your craft files. its super cute. Ive been there with the bangs too, bang distress is the worst. I think they look kinda edgy on you.

  14. nice skirt..great color

  15. The skirt is VERY cute! And I felt funny about my bangs when I got them, but they grow so quickly and you get used to them really fast too. I hope you feel better about them soon!

  16. That skirt is really fun. I love anything with pockets. And your bangs are cute. In a couple weeks they’ll be exactly how you want them.

  17. “bang-a-holic” – Ha! This is classic.

  18. I happen to really like them.

    P.S. where is your blazer from?

  19. Jen, I LOVE the bangs! And the belt is fantastic, too. So cute.

    Oh, and check out the giveaway on my blog!!

  20. I adore this little skirt!
    Also love the new fringe. I imagine it will just take you a couple of days to get used to. A new look is always a bit of a shock.

  21. The bangs aren’t so bad! Next time ask for “piecey-er” maybe. But if you’re not loving your cut over and over, it might be time for another stylist.

    That skirt makes me think it’s time I start sewing clothes again. But I haven’t followed a pattern in … 10 years.

    I’ll stop rambling. Very cute outfit!

  22. jen, omg! your bangs are SOOO cute. and your outfit…adorable!
    also…your art….is incredible.
    you are so talented. and beautiful!!

  23. aw, i really like your bangs! i think they’re quite cute. and if you don’t like the length, they’ll be longer in just a couple weeks. your polka dot skirt is adorable- you did a great job on it! ~joelle

  24. you look adorable! and that outfit is soo pretty on you!!

  25. Hi! Since I’ve accidentally found your blog, I’m checking it almost every day and pretty much adore all of your outfits! I’m a fresh University student from Poland and you inspire many many outfits that I have in my head for the studies… I also have bangs and hate going to the hairstylists! They never get my idea of the haircut and it’s always not the way I wanted! United in pain of the hairdressing ignorance and disappointment 🙁

  26. Hi! I have been reading your blog for quite a long time. I am from Argentina.
    I liek all your ouotfits and it`s making me want to buy more clothes and update my wardrobe. I was never interested in clothes and shoes, but the interest has benn growing for two years.
    I can learn a little bit of fashion..
    I would like to know where did you get the pattern for your skirt. It`s really beautiful.
    Congratulation for your blog! Get it up!

  27. that skirt is just AMAZING! really… i think it’s the color that makes it…pokadots are cute, but so hard to integrate. now i’m going to obsess on polkadots!

  28. Polkadots! I love it! That skirt is amazing!

    As for the bangs, I feel your pain, sister! Mine are just now growing out to a point where I can side sweep them and not hate them every time I look in the mirror. :0)

    Sooner or later all fashion bloggers fall to the bang-envy. Thanks, Idee Geniale, Delightfully Tacky, and Kansas Couture! :0)

  29. I’m a new reader, so I can say with genuine surprise: you made that skirt!?! It is so adorable — you’re an innovative seamstress.

  30. your outfit is so cute! and what an awesome charity to be running for! I donated some money 🙂 good luck!

  31. Wow! I can’t believe you made that skirt! I love the proportions in this outfit, especially the shrunken blazer, high waist and volume in the skirt. Classic and playful. You look great!

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