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So I think one of my favorite things so far this fall is over the knee socks. Umm they are amazing! I wear them during the day and they are even better for going to sleep. haha I hate wearing pj pants because they twist around my leg and then I wake up all uncomfortable but with the socks- I can just wear sleeping shorts and then the over the knee socks and its like wearing pants but they dont twist and they stay up. Its perfect! haha ok enough said.

We went to chowderfest after church on Sunday in Troy and this is what I wore. It was a beautiful fall day out and it was super nice to wonder around sample lots of corn chowders (the only kind there with out meat), eat ice cream and walk along the Hudson River. Plus I got to wear my boots for the first time this season. Again yay for fall!!


Sweater Dress: Old Navy $25
Necklace: Simple Vera by Vera Wang $4 (on sale)
Socks: Target $5
Boots: Chinese Laundry $70

  1. oh my goodness!!! you look stunning! i love it!

  2. I’m in love with this outfit, I saw it yesterday on Weardrobe and love the pairing of the OTK socks with those boots- you look great! The socks are my favorite new fall accessory too!

  3. Oh what a lovely outfit and the socks look killer! I do the whole shorts and socks thing too but just with knee socks cause I don’t have any over the knee ones.

  4. I love this outfit. I might just go out and buy that dress today! I love the knee socks cuz i dont always want to wear tights under a dress that seems like the perfect solution and it’s really cute too! xo

  5. super cute outfit! you look so pretty.

  6. OMG this is an awesome outfit! I want it 🙂 You look great!

  7. Love this look! And absolutely agree about the socks! You look great!

  8. Very cute, Jen! Love the socks and boots together!

  9. Love the knee socks! I might have to get me some. I’m also a fan of knit leg warmers with mary jane heels. An easy way to stay warm when you don’t feel like wearing tights, but want to wear a dress.

  10. Soooo cute! I especially love knee socks with tall boot! La la lovely!

  11. Lovely blog…and an even better outfit! Love the boots!

    I was referred to you by one of my readers because they thought you might be able to recommend a beginner “professional” camera. Any suggestions?

  12. i am obsessed with over the knee socks too!! and you know what’s really weird? i wore this EXACT outfit, almost to a tee the other day…i have very similar steve madden boots…i wore grey socks too and i think we do have the same dress from old navy; how bizarre! i wore a different necklace though, obviously….haha! great minds think alike. ps: i’m adding you to facebook 🙂

  13. Your day sounds lovely. I’m still waiting on fall to start here, summer is lasting unusually long this year – which makes everybody really happy except for me (fall’s my favourite season)

    I have a pair of American Apparel ‘thigh high’ socks, they’re the best for sleeping during cold nights

  14. yeah i Love over the knee socks. I love your outfit!

  15. the necklace!

  16. You look great! I am definitely getting some over the knee socks.

  17. yay for over the knee socks! Sounds like we all love them this fall!!

  18. Oh man, I’m loving over-the-knee socks too, and am SO excited to bust them out once it gets a bit cooler.

  19. so…i read “over-the-knee-socks” and my first thought was “oh dear…”
    but THEN i saw the photo and i was like “oh my!” love love love them. you single-handedly convinced me that i NEED over-the-knee-socks.

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  21. Emily @ Everything is Beautiful linked to your site. This is amazing! Great job on the blog…and I love all your outfits!

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  23. Brianne •

    I LOVE everything about this outfit! It looks sooo comfortable 🙂 The socks are awesome!

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