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Hey everyone! Thanks so much for leaving comments and suggestions on the last post (If you havent yet I’d still love to hear from you!) Anyways, I was so happy to read that everyone likes the I’d Wear That posts, so they are def. going to stay. If you ever have an event coming up and would like me to do an I’d Wear That post about it let me know!!! You also have all inspired me to get into my craft room and get to work. I have lots of ideas flowing of new art I want to make and new things I want to make for my etsy store. I guess Fridays are still up in the air but maybe thats good. We can leave that for what is inspiring me that day.

Now onto the weekend. We had a pretty laid back weekend. We did get to go APPLE PICKING!!! and I had the best apple cider donuts ever. MMmmmm they are so good I could eat about a hundred of them. I ate like 8 apples while we were there picking them and then I was on total apple overload. I couldnt help my self though. haha. Saturday night we went to one of our favorite restaurant for dinner. Going out to dinner is one of my favorite things to do. I mean I love eating good food and I love spending time with Kev so its the best of both worlds, its fun just to sit somewhere with no distractions of tv, internet, work and just enjoy each others company and conversation.

I also ran 18 miles on Saturday morning. Umm yes it was hard and no I am not crazy. hehe. I did finish and I am just a little bit sore still today. I ended up with blisters on everyone of my toes on the right foot. though- Grosss, yes I know! Only 4 more weeks till my marathon.

I guess the biggest change that happened in our weeked (are you ready for this mom and mom) is that kev buzzed his head!!! He looks good but it is very different. I still need to get adjusted to it. I will admitt that I cried a little as I helped him with the clippers. I dont know why. I wasn’t sad that he was doing it, it was just a big change I guess. He has had his curly hair for our whole relationship so I guess it was crazy to see him without it. He likes it alot though- he said he needed a change and I can totally relate because that is why I am always cutting my bangs, dying my hair or needing to do something that makes me feel different.

Have you meet our kitties before? Pirate is the dark one (close up picture) and Gully is the lighter one (the one kev is holding).


  1. LOVE the apple picking pics! And Kev’s hair looks awesome! Oh wow, what a change!

  2. hi! i love the pictures – thats exciting kev cut off all his hair!

    apple picking looks like it was tons of fun!

    andrews father and his girlfriend are throwing us an engagement party early october – i have NO IDEA what to wear!!! maybe you can do an “I’d Wear That” for me!!!??!?!!
    Its going to be afternoon/evening at their house and the party will be inside and out – so I’ll want to wear something warm-ish/cute/fun… im at a total loss!!! <3


  3. ps… i LOVE the picture of you biting the apple with the leaves hanging off!!!

  4. @suz – you got it my dear!! I’d love to do one!

  5. kev looks cute!
    every year, after growing his hair & beard all winter, my husband shaves his head. it always takes me a few days to get used to it and i always kinda miss his scruffiness. but, like you said, he never complains about my hairstyle ADD, so i don’t mind.

    p.s. just found your blog from darling d’s post and i love it! it makes me want to be a better blogger. (haha, i’m a dork. sounds like tom cruise from jerry maguire “you make me want to be a better man…” 🙂

  6. Such a cute idea – taking reader requests for I’d Wear That.

    These apple pics are adorable. I think I need an apple fritter from Starbucks now. That’s the closest thing to apple doughnuts I’ve got.

    Our roommate totally shaved his curly locks a while back. It was sort of freaky at first, but then he tanned his head a little bit and now it looks okay. But he had gorgeous hair, like McDreamy hair. All his female coworkers gave him crap about it! LOL

  7. i was so nervous to see kev’s hair – but it looks really good. I cant wait to go apple picking this year. If it would ever stop raining maybe we’ll go. We’re on like 5 days straight now. it’s like crazy downpouring right now.

  8. I like the mohawk pic! Kev should have gone with that look.

  9. aw he still looks so handsome! And that’s amazing you’re running a marathon! Maybe one year I’ll train for it!

  10. oh no! The cherub curls…:(….Oh well change is good.
    Hey have you ever noticed that the apples taste better after picking them yourself? I just feel like the store bought ones aren’t half as tasty. Maybe its just me.

  11. The pictures of Kev are so cute! And I LOVE that you’re eating an apple in every pic. Adorable.

  12. All of the pictures are great. Your kitties are cute!


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