Style File- IFB Soiree

So the picture we took the night of the soiree didnt come out all that great because we only had point and click cameras. So tonight Kev and me took some better photos because well I don’t know when I will wear this dress again and I think it is just so pretty and sparkley. Plus I did end up finding “the shoes” I was looking for. I tired them on and with the help of my mom and kev we all decided they were THE shoes for the dress. I just love them!!! I love the diamond cut outs and they are the softest suede- plus they are super comfy and easy to walk in which is always a plus.


Sequin Dress: H&M $40
Shoes: Steve Madden $40
Belt: NY&Co. $10
Bangles: H&M $6

Stay tune one more NYFW style file to come…

  1. *Swoon* I am in love with your dress.

  2. This is perfection!!! and such a deal on those gorg shoes!!

  3. I love this dress! You look great!

  4. loving the shoes, and that dress and all that black! so chic and stylish with a splash of rocker!

  5. ooo those shoes ARE nice! love the dress too!

  6. I am going after work to search for that dress! Soo pretty! You looked great in it!

  7. OMG Lady! I have those shoes in royal blue! They are fabulous, aren’t they? Such a cute photo, sorry I am new here, is that you? Such a great shot 😀


  8. this turned out so great, my friend- wonderful shoes!! you look beautiful!

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