IFB Soiree and NYFW

so I am back! Today was crazy with school, grocery shopping, running home to clean it up for the real estate lady to show it to 2 different people, running 7 miles and then making dinner for kev and his friend jon its left me here at 7:58pm and I am just posting for the first time today. Sorry my friends…

So we had the best time!!! I went with the awesomest girl ever!!! We seriously had so much fun. The IFB Soiree was great- I will say it was a little overwhelming to see so many bloggers all dressed up and looking fabulous with out feeling alittle self conscience and shy. I did get to finally meet the lovely Jess from What I Wore. She looked amazing of course and did such a wonderful job as one of the panelest. I saw some other bloggers I read but was to shy to say hi. That is my fault. I am a super shy person. I thank everyone who came up to me and introduced themselves. It was great to meet you all!!

We spent the next day down at Bryant Park. It is insane down there. Such good people watching and its such a beautiful park there to sit and relax in.

Here are some of our pictures. They were taken by my lovely counterpart, I was not doing a good job taking pictures she on the other hand took some great ones…


Models leaving after their show…

30 Rock anyone?


Peta was not happy about the show about to take place…


Punky getting interviewed by NBC about her DIY jeans


We got awesome 2 finger rings made on the street- that we got to design!


umm my favorite store!


Punky, me and the oh so wonderful Jennine


Liz came and introduced herself to us!! It was nice to finally met her!


  1. Great three outfits. Please tell me more about the sequin sensation dress… it’s awesome.
    Looks like you had fun!

  2. Style posts to come for each NYFW outfit!!

  3. It appears that I need to return to NYC and stalk the finger ring man. That’s awesome. I can’t wait to see a pic of your ring in an outfit. Very cute outfits as well. I’m looking forward to the photos

  4. Oh this looks like so much fun and love all your outfits!
    Damn living in New Zealand!!!! (though really I wouldn’t change it for anywhere else in the world)

  5. aww! adorable!
    I think we did OK for photos even thought we forgot the nice cameras.

    P.S. I spent $60 at the craft store on supply’s to make those rings we paid $15 for…Fail.

  6. Oooh these photos are fab. Everyone looked amazing!!!

    What fun:)

  7. Looks like you had a great time and sounds like you’ve been very busy! I don’t know how you do it all and still manage to have the best outfits. Hope school is going well!

  8. It looks like you had such a blast!! You look fab in all the pics, but I especially love your IFB soiree dress! Oh, and you gotta show us those two-finger rings!

  9. Such great pics, looks like a blast!!! You look fab in each look, can’t wait to hear more about them!!

  10. Sounds like a great time! Must have been overwhelming to be in NYC during fashion week!

  11. I bet some one wonderful set you 2 ladies up.

  12. you looked beautiful! great dress, fun but classy too!

  13. That black dress is sp pretty and sparkly, so glad everyone documented it so well since I could not go.

  14. you look like you’re havign so much fun! i am very jealous and very proud! this is all so exciting!

  15. Ack! I’m sooo jealous. Someday I will make it to New York for fashion week. It looks like so much fun! And I love that black dress – it’s killer!

  16. oh snap! I was supposed to be there but alas..next time. So glad you took some snaps. Now I feel like I was there in spirit. And so glad you had fun in NYC!!

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