Style File 9.13.09

So a little while ago when we were visiting my parents we took a walk out to the railroad tracks behind my house to take some pictures. We use to play out there all the time when we were kids. We would have contests who could walk the longest on the tracks and all other sorts of games. We also have a huge rope swing that swings out near the tracks. Its like a little kids wonderland back there. It was fun to play out there again for a little while.

Denim Tunic: H&M $30
Leggins: H&M $20
Gladiator Wedges: Forever 21 $35

  1. LOVE the railroad pics. You look gorgeous!

  2. Those shoes are TALL! Well, for you, I dunno not use to seeing you in platforms. I LOVE the background blur on these pictures. Kev is an amazing photographer and you are an amazing model!

  3. Location, location, location… just like real estate! I love the outfit and the train tracks are a perfect backdrop…

  4. Gorgeous! You should have taken one on the swing! 🙂

  5. awesome pics! I love that outfit, and the railroad track backdrop is amazing! very cute!!!

  6. Wonderful photos!!! Amazing ~ I think I need a new camera!

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