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So I have to say that I think this is my new favorite outfit. I just love it! I wore it the other day when we were in Boston and I felt glamorous and city like all day. hehe Anyways of course we took some outfit pictures. I am going to include a couple here so you can see how it usually goes down…
We leave where ever we are, camera in hand… (here we are leaving our hotel)


we get to a place we think will make a good picture, but ends up that too many people are passing and I get embarassed and don’t give Kev enough time to set his exposure right. We leave…


Me thinking under the bridge will work good… Kev tells me to pose, I end up saying “like what? I don’t know what to do?”


Checking to make sure no one is looking at me…


I figure out that if I stand the other way no one can see- finally an ok one!


Kev isn’t happy with it though so we move to another location… This is me thinking if I just look like I am enjoying the view from the bridge then no one will think I am standing here in the middle of the park getting my picture taken.


I usually tell kev I have had enough by now even though he is always ready for the next picture. I can only take standing posed and awkward for so long. We finished our day relaxed and enjoying Boston…

Blouse: Forever 21 $15ish
Skirt: H&M $30
Sandals: Chinese Lanudry

  1. the last two are my favourite!!
    your outfit is so cute…aaaas usual!!
    xo, carly

  2. Love the outfit. But I love your step by step process of picture taking even more… haha, when I pose and someone walks by, I tuck my cocked hip back in and pretend I’m a tourist…Cheese!

  3. I love your outfit, very cute! It’s nice to hear that other bloggers don’t like people seeing them taking pictures too, I hate it when people are around while I’m taking my shots. I feel so silly!

  4. wow i love those shoes!

  5. I like the picture on the bridge, and love your blouse!

  6. I always feel like a huge dork having my picture taken at all. It’s even worse when it’s an outfit photo! I love the one in front of the carousel.

  7. Love your look! that top is so pretty! and how lucky you are to have such an amazing photographer!

  8. That is the skirt of my dreams! And, wow. Stunning photos! Way to go you and Kev!

  9. I love the 3rd photo! Anyway all photos were stunning!

  10. Omg I know EXACTLY how you feel! I am so not a poser and a little shy and Paul always yells at me because I do the same thing or because I look goofy. We usually add it up to the fact that I am awkward. I wish I had more posing confidence too but I just don’t think I have it in me unless I am kidding.

  11. Okay this cracked me up! I always wonder how everyone else does their outfit posts… I use a self timer in various locations, the best of which is outside at work, but it’s such an anxiety-inducing endeavor because there is always the chance that someone is going to walk or drive by! Ahhhh so funny 🙂

    Anyway… that blouse is absolutely lovely (and pairing it with the leather skirt is perfect… great blend of sweet and spicy!).

  12. OMG! RIght!! That is probably the hardest thing for me to do is pose in public for pictures. Especially since I don’t have anyone to usually take them… I can stand there with my tri-pod and little camera and wait…. I also always get scared someone is going to run off with the camera while I am looking the other way. LOL Thank God for Kev… he takes the most beautifulest pictures of you.

    Your outfit is too cute for words!!

    Have a great weekend!


  13. Where did you get the cardigan? That is super cute

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