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How is everyone doing today? I hope good! So remember my bedroom redesign? Well shortly after I decided I would sell my Birch Tree drawing on my etsy store. Lately I have been getting some pictures sent back of murals people have painted who bought the trees. It’s so impressive and I get so excited when I get pictures of someone who has taken my drawing and added it to their home. Here are 2 I have received lately… Aren’t they just great!?!
Here is Glenda’s Living room…

Glenda Tedesco2

and here is Cristin’s bedroom…


Thanks for sending in the photos ladies!!

  1. wow it looks sooo awesome in both those spaces!

    gaaaash i wish i could paint my walls in my boring white apartment!!!

    p.s. thanks for your blog comments! I’m glad you liked my design! yes lets have a little teacher/professor/design/art [you be my personal shopper at forever 21] blog conference meet up!

  2. Those look amazing! I wish I wasn’t so afraid of anything but cream walls.

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