Teacher Style Files 9.08.09

So I just finished my 16 mile run and I am beat, next thing for me after this post is bed!

I got this shirt at forever 21 the other day in the clearance section. There were tons of them. I don’t know why because it is seriously so adorable I think. I got these purple nylons from amy when we were in Florida and they match so perfect to the shirt and my little purple bobble flats. I felt so cute all day. Then this happened and it totally made my day… I was walking in the parking lot of the grocery store and I was passing a mom and her little daughter (she must have been 6 or 7) anyways, the little girl pulled on her mom’s coat and said “mom! mom! look! (now pointing at me) isnt that so pretty?” haha it’s that awesome?!?! lol- it makes me laugh. I think she just saw that I was wearing purple tights and purple shoes and thought it look pretty because well she is a little girl.


Plaid Shirt: Forever 21 $8.99
Belt: Target
Denim Pencil: Gap $40
Purple Nylon: Amy (sister) gave them to me!
Purple Flats: Old Navy $3.99

  1. You do look adorable (and pretty)!
    I had a stranger tell me I have great style today. Totally made my day too!

  2. Love the tights and color combo with the shirt!

  3. I’m loving the shirt, but the purple flats blow me away! And for 3.99??? Amazing!

  4. Love the skirt!!! Did you just find it at Gap?

  5. That shirt! Those shoes! this outfit is perfection my dear!

  6. Hi Jen! I’ve been following your blog for a few months and I just love it. Your pictures are not only awesome because I love your outfits, but they are so beautifully photographed! Anyway… I just had to comment today because this ensemble is fabulous and I could totally see myself wearing it. If only I was in your neck of the woods and my F21 clearance section had this top…

  7. I’m a big girl and I also like your purple tights and purple shoes! That top is the greatest too! Don’t you just love Forever 21??

  8. Ok, so I have the same flats in two colors and LOVE them (espesh with tights) but my only gripe is that they are really loud when I walk. Like the little beads/ball thingies rattle. I’ve thought about glue gunning them into place (but am FAR too lazy, of course), so I just rattle away.

  9. So pretty!

  10. Or maybe because you looked so pretty too?
    I am surprising myself and loving your coloured tights.

  11. I have those flats in grey.

  12. This outfit totally inspired my first day of school outfit today. I even included a link to you as my inspiration in my post. Thanks!

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