Happy Birthday to me!!

So today I am 27! I got woken up this morning to homemade waffles with whipped cream, scrambled eggs, and a bouquet of lilies. It was a great way to start my birthday! Kev also gave me a card that said that this afternoon I would start to receive emails from him with dates and times in the subject lines. He said that I would only be able to open the emails when it was that exact time and date. I am thinking they are clues to things that we will be doing throughout the weekend. He has the whole 3 day weekend planned and I have absolutely no idea what he has up his sleeves. I am pretty excited!!

So I wish all of you a fabulous labor day weekend!! I don’t think I will be posting on Monday- so I will be back on Tuesday with the full report of our weekend. You can follow along on twitter though if you are just dying to know what Kev has planned. I will be posting little updates and pictures throughout the weekend.

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I leave you with some amazing cupcakes that I wish I could be eating for my birthday!!


  1. Happy Birthday to a fellow Virgo! I absolutely love your blog, your style, your creativity, all of it! Have a wonderfully happy birthday weekend!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Jen. Have a great time with whatever it is that Kev has planned. I am sure it is awesome!

  3. Hi jen 🙂
    It is 5th September here in Bangladesh….so i am late. Wishing you late Happy Birthday.
    Just wanna say i love your blog.Cause you always make me to love life again.


  4. Happy b-day!! Wish you all the best!!


  5. Happy Birthday! That is so sweet that Kev is planning a weekend full of fun for you!

  6. sounds like you have a fab birthday weekend ahead of you. have a super time!

  7. Have a great birthday! Your husband seems to have it all planned for you and I’m sure it’s going to be lots of fun!

  8. Have a wonderful B-Day weekend ~ those are the best! Cant wait to hear all about it on Tuesday!

  9. Happy Birthday! Have a great weekend, can’t wait to hear about what Kev has planned.

  10. Yay Happy Birthday~

  11. Happy birthday gorgeous girl!! how sweet of your husband to come up with such a fun surprise, I love surprises myself. Looking forward to hearing all about it 🙂

  12. Happy Birthday to you!Have a great one:)

  13. Happy Happy Birthday! I’m sure whatever he has planned is wonderful! (the dino cakes are my favorites!)

  14. SOOOoooo Cute these cup cakes made by A BAKED CREATION!
    My fave is the dinausors’ one!

  15. Happy Birthday! And I love that he has planned your whole weekend out…can I hire him to do that for me? My husband doesn’t do surprises…

  16. I am totally late but Happy Birthday! I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend! (and über-cute cupcakes)

  17. Happy (late) birthday! I hope you’ve had a fun three-day weekend celebrating!

  18. So sweet! Go Kev. I hope you had a WONDERFUL b-day weekend!


  19. I meant to send you a present via email but my life is super hectic right now. I am a bad blogging friend.
    Happy belated! All the best you are GREAT!

  20. happy late b-day:)we share the same birthday.for me it’s quite exciting coming across people who share my b-day.lovely blog, dear, it’s my first time here and it’s just adorable…

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