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Yay!! Tomorrow is my birthday!! I am turning 27!! Yikes I can’t believe it. I feel quite old, but I kinda like it at the same time. I am loving life at this age! Anyways, my birthday just happens to land around labor day every year (thanks mom) and that means its a long weekend!! kev hasn’t told me what we are doing but he says he has the whole weekend planned for my birthday. I cant wait!! This is the outfit I would like to wear out and about where ever we are going….

(i know this is a day late- sorry guys! bear with me as I get adjusted to being back at school!)


Floral Silk Tank: Forever 21$19.90
Leather Skirt: Forever 21$19.80
Jean Jacket: Old Navy $29
Awesome Shoes: Modcloth $84.99
Glasses: Fred Flare$11

  1. I can totally see you rockin’ this outfit!! Happy Early Birthday!! =)


  2. WOW! How amazing is that, having your birthday land on the Friday of a three day weekend!?! Awesome! (I turned 27 in June, and wasn’t as excited about it as you are, to be honest!) Hope you have a great one!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Jenny – it certainly was a “labour” day when you were born 🙂 I love you xomom

  4. happy happy birthday jen! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Happy Birthday! I can’t wait to hear about your fun weekend! Also, LOVE the outfit you created…very inspiring. I love nerd chic glasses!!!

  6. Hi Jen!
    Happy Birthday! Thanks for featuring our shoes on your site!
    <3 Aire

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