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So today instead of something about what I did I am going to share something Kev worked on instead and be the proud wife. hehe

Back in April Kev had to go to Maui (I know, I know) for 2 weeks for work. One of his clients at work is a hotel group that owns luxurious resorts around the world. Anyways they needed Kev to come out and photograph the resort and to get a “feel” of it so he could then come back and design the website for it. Well it just went live the other day and it looks beautiful and I am so proud to see it and see his photography all over it. He is truly one of the most talented and creative people ever!

Go check out the site: Hotel Hana Maui!!!


  1. The picture on the website of the path that runs through all that tall bamboo… where was that taken

    I need to go there! Beautiful!

  2. it was taken near the resort in Hana, Maui

  3. Amazing! Tell Kev he’s awesome!!! I miss you guys… and Hawaii! Especially after looking at those pics.

  4. Kev’s work is amazing!! That is an absolutely beautiful resort and I’m dying to go there this instant!

  5. That is a great looking site and really great photos!

  6. Um, a) I want his job. Maui? For real? and b) that hotel and the site are both gorgeous!

  7. Sounds like a rough life.
    Having to stay at a luxurious hotel on a beautiful island and do what he loves. Man it must suck!


  8. the website looks great…. & i’m so jealous he got to spend time there!

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