jenloveskev now on TWITTER!!!

ok ok the time has come!!! If you love reading then you are going to love jenloveskev on twitter!!! I will be updating it with pics of fashion, art, photography and well anything that inspires me as I go about my day. Its going to be great. I am really excited about it!!! will still be staying the same with its regular daily post, my twitter will just be used for quick little posts.

Follow Jenloveskev on twitter today!!


  1. emily f. •

    Hooray!!! It’s about time!!!

  2. haha I’m still not going near twitter, I have far too many internet addictions as it is!
    (But if I do cave I will definitely follow you!)

  3. Wow! So you took the leap and joined twitter:)

    I’ve been thinking about doing this for the longest time……still contemplating though

    I’d love to hear what you think of it~

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