Teacher Style File 9.01.09

Ahh its September! My birthday is in 3 days!! Can you guess how old I will be?

I have to apologize for my posting lately. I have not been very good about staying on my daily posts. Like I was suppose to post a recipe that I made last night today but I didn’t. Remember I came home yesterday from school, ran 13. 5 miles and then fell asleep at 8. I didn’t make dinner. I promise I will get back into a better “i’m back to work routine” soon. Here is my outfit from today… can you tell I am in love with my Bow headband I got from forever 21 the other day. I have been wearing it nonstop since.


Headband: Forever 21
Double Button Stripped Sweater: Forever 21
Pink Tank: Victoria’s Secret
Black Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Flats: Target

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  1. Great Picture! The headband is adorable too!

  2. Such a cute outfit! I need to dig out my pink tank and some black and white stripes!

  3. The jacket is super cute. I love the pink tank as well! What happened to pricing things? I always loved seeing what a great clearance shopper you are! 😀

  4. I love it! Fun picture & great outfit!

  5. Super cute! Even when I’m on vacation for a week I get into a funk when I go back to work, and it takes me about a week to settle back into my regular routine, so I can only imagine how it is for you…

  6. Love the double-breasted button sweater!!!

  7. Sorry about the prices. I was getting lazy about remembering what everything was- but if its something you guys like then I will just stop being lazy!- hehe

  8. Oh I love this outfit! And yes the headband is fab~

  9. I love this look- the picture and the outfit are fantastic! (i especially like your sweater!)

  10. Are you going to be 26? I’m just guessing cause thats my age.
    You look to be holding up those walls quite well…lol

  11. I think I need a striped sweater now. Such a cute combination!

  12. Emily Moher •

    I love love love this outfit, I just started reading your blog after seeing it on whatiwore and love all your outfit combinations and how afordable they are :). I just might have to buy a similar headband for fall.

  13. You look so adorable! That is the most adorable headband and sweater! Gosh I love forever 21!

  14. I like the pop of pink!

  15. love the sweater

  16. very cute photo!!! I love that sweater!!

  17. Jennifer •

    I love this outfit!
    I’m a new reader and I’m having lots of fun going through your old style file posts! 🙂

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