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September 2009

Id Wear That

So last week I received an email from Stefanie asking for some help coming up with an idea for an outfit. She Wrote…

“I just found out that I’m having my 5 year high school reunion soon! It’s being held at a bar so I want to look really cute of course!”

When I asked her a few more questions I found out she needs to head there right from work so it needed to be something she could wear to work or easily change into afterwards. Stef also wrote she was fair skinned so she thought she looked best in warm, deep hues.

Well after looking around at some clothes today to make this outfit I stumbled upon the new dresses at Modcloth. I totally fell head over heels for this dress. It is so beautiful and reminds me of the 40’s, which I think will work awesome for Stef with her tall frame and fair skin. With some bright lipstick I think she will look like a million bucks. Heads will turn when she shows up at that high school reunion!!


Dress: ModCloth $62.99
Tights: Urban Outfitters $14.00
Shoes: Modcloth $34.99
Necklace: Forever 21 $6.80
Head Piece: Forever 21 $9.80
Clutch: Target $7.49

I think I might need to go buy this dress! I just looked there were only 5 left… yikes! I guess everyone else likes the dress too!

Style File 9.30.09

So last night right after school I headed out to pick up Amy and we headed out to Boston for the Madewell/Lucky event on Newbury street and then to the Sam Mendoza Show at the Liberty Hotel. We had a great night and I will post pictures as soon as I can steal them from Amy ( I forgot my camera). As I was trying to figure out what to wear I ended up on this combo. It is a little out of my comfort zone with the leggings and tunic shirt but I really liked it all together and felt quite fashionable with my new bootie high heels. I am really trying to get better at walking in heels and these are so easy. I think its because they are half boot.

Anyways, this is what I was suppose to change into for the fashion show after the Madewell event but time and location didnt allow for it so I guess I will have to save this for something else. (Kev hint hint- date night maybe?) I did however really like what I was wearing at Madewell so I guess it was ok. I will have to post that outfit another time.

Blazer: Thrifted (it was like 4 years ago- I dont remember price?)
Black Satin Tunic: TJ Maxx $15
Latex Leggings: H&M $20
Booties: TJ Maxx $25
Headband: Forever 21 $6
Necklaces: a combo of Simple Vera, Thrifted and my Grandma’s

Teacher Style File 9.29.09

So Mondays are always one of those days were I have an extra hard time getting out of bed and getting dressed. I am always just wishing I could stay in my slippers and sweatshirt in bed. I am always pressed for time because I slept too late so I usually try to dress comfy and casual on mondays to try to “mimic” my pj feeling. This was the outfit I came up with yesterday. The sweater is so warm and soft and skirts for me are way more comfy then jeans or pants. Its a pretty simple outfit but I liked it.

I have been trying to make brooches lately instead of headbands. Although I hope to have lots of things to update my etsy shop with this week (hopefully). I have also been trying to wear my hair in different ways. I am pretty much a hair down or side pony kinda a girl. Now I know you will say but Jen your is in a side pony here BUT its not in an elastic its all twisted and pinned so its different. Trust me. hehe small steps…




Sweater: Old Navy $20
Pin: A jenloveskev Creation
Demin Pencil Skirt: Gap $40
Boots: Forever 21 $35

I am pretty excited because right after school I am heading out to Worcester to pick up Punky and we are heading out to Boston for some Awesome Boston Fashion Week Events!!! I am excited to dress up!!!

Weardrobe Interview

Are you on Weardrobe?

If your not then you should and if you are did you see my blog as one of the banners on the front page ? Crazy huh? There are a few banners up so if mine didnt show up you can refresh the webpage until you see it- if you want of course. I was pretty excited!!! Suzanne from weardobe emailed me last week asking if I would like to do an interview for them and since I love weardrobe I was more than excited too!!
You can go read the whole interview HERE (click there)


I had a very exciting week last week!! First with glamour, then the weardobe interview and then I got asked by Grace from Design Sponge if my bedroom pictures could be used in the Design Sponge book that is being made. I had one more thing happen that I am super excited about but I cant yet talk about it but soon I will share.

Hope you are having a wonderful day!!! The sun is out here and its a gorgeous fall day!! I am loving it!

Last Nights Dinner

This is what I am callings “Jen’s Crazy Awesome Protien Packed Marathon Soup!” (say that 5 times fast)

So technically no I did not eat this alast night but it is what I have been eating everyday at lunch. When the weather starts turning cold I like to make huge batches of soups and then then laddle them out into single servings and save them for my lunches for the week. Because my marathon is 2WEEKS AWAY!!! I have been paying close attention to what I have been eating making sure I am getting all my nutrients and protien because I dont eat meat or most dairy and I want to stay super healthy for my race. I decided I was going to make a soup that would give me lots of protein and vitamins and well just taste amazing!! Mmmmmm. I am sad that I ate the last batch of this soup yesterday for lunch. Time to make some more!! The soup is something I just came up with on my own- feel free to add or take away whatever you would like…


Veggie Stock
V8- I used the High Fiber Kind
Small red potatoes (quatered)
Kidney Beans
Navy beans
Orange Bell Pepper – chopped
Celery – chopped
Carrots- Chopped
Kale- chopped
Fresh Peas
Garlic Powder to taste

I just mixed the broth, v8 and potatoes first and let them cook a little while. Then I added everything else. I dont have an exact measurement for the liquids it is just a prefernce on how soupy you want it. I would add more v8 and broth as I added the veggies and things to keep the ratio of things in the soup to the soup liquid equal. Cook until you like the tenderness of the veggies. I keep mine a little on the firmer side because that is what I like. ENJOY!

P.S Isn’t this photo Kev took of the soup so amazing!!! I think its one of my favorite Last Night Dinner photos yet!!! Plus I just love our green bowls!

LOVE 146

Hi Everyone!
This is going to be a kind of serious post. I hope that you will all take the time to read this and to watch the short videos below. As I have been writing about for the last few weeks, I am training for a marathon which is on Oct. 10th. This is my very first marathon and training for it has been nothing short of mentally and physically challenging. I first decided to run this as just a goal to accomplish in my life but as I started going through the training I decided that I wanted this to become less about myself and more about making a change in the world. Did you know that…


This is why I teamed up with a charity that I feel very strongly about called Love146. They work very hard to end child sex slavery and exploitation thru their many prevention and aftercare programs. You can look around their website for more information on what these programs are and please take a minute to watch these short videos below. I just rewatched them as I was writing this post and they make me cry every time. This is a problem that is not going to go away on its own. We need to do something, we need to take a stand! Children do not deserve to loose their childhood this way.

I know everyone is short on money these days but if you can spare even a dollar I ask that you would donate to Love146 for my run. Your donations are tax deducible and everyone that donates will receive a small present from jenloveskev as a token of my appreciation. I will be keeping everyone up to date with how my runs are going and of course there will be lots of pictures from the day of the marathon.

PLEASE DONATE TO LOVE 146 (CLICK HERE!!) This brings you right to my marathon donation page. Just scroll thru and fill out the form. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!

*NOTE: I just realized that the online form has a min. of $25. I don’t expect peopleto be able to donate that much (if you can great!) but I know things are tough. If you would like to donate a smaller amount please contact me. I have donation envelopes that I will mail to you, but I am working on seeing if they can fix the min. so you can just donate online as well.

Over the Weekend

So this weekend was pretty low key. Friday night I had to help sell baked potatoes for yearbook at The Taste of Lee (I am a yearbook advisor at school). Saturday I woke up at 6 to head out for my long run. I ran 19 miles this week. Whew! Only one more super long run before the marathon. I felt pretty good for most of the run but I could tell that I had a blister. When I took off my shoe my middle toe was completely covered with one giant blister. It was seriously my entire toe. haha so gross.

After I was done we headed out to Worcester- we went and hung out with Adam and Punky for a while before me and Punky left for a thrifting date at savers. I got a sweet black blazer for $6.99. Saturday was also Kev’s moms birthday. When we got over there she surprised us by telling us she ran her first 5k that morning. We were all so proud of her but wished we could have been there to cheer her on!! We spent the rest of the evening bowling, eating Chinese food and cake and just hanging out all together.

Yesterday we were suppose to go to six flags with Sean and Hannah but it poured all day. Booo! Kev and me ended up going to see The September Issue instead. I loved it!!!

Last Thursday I was featured on Glamour Magazines Fashion Blog Slaves to Fashion. It was very cool to see myself up there…


Here are some pics from the weekend…

Teacher Style File 9.25.09

It was late by the time we took this pictures and I was not really in the mood for picture taking. haha so there is not much to say about this outfit. I found this little puff sleeve blazer at the goodwill the other day. I thought it was cute. I pinned a bunch of my grandmas old earrings and broochs to it. I like them…

Teacher Style File 9.24.09

Hi everyone!
So here are my new bangs. Ugh! I think I really hate them. I told them not too short and not too straight but thats exactly how they came out. They are not good. Oh well, they will grow out.

This is one of my favorite skirts! I love the bright, bold polka dots and color. I feel like minnie mouse when I wear it or maybe more like just any Disney character, which of course I love. But I think I like this skirt so much because I made it, remember?

This is my pin. Its for a charity called Love146. I am running my marathon to raise money for them. More on that tomorrow! But go and check out there website and see what they are all about. If you would like to donate money for my run- you can click HERE to donate.

From the Art Studio

So today I want to share with you some paintings I did for my wonderful friend Erin. I wanted to make her something for her birthday and this is what I came up with. I will be honest and say there isn’t a whole lot of meaning behind the images in them. I just love orchids, comics, and anatomy! I am not an artist that puts stuff in with all this hidding deep meaning. My motto for most of my work seems to be “If I like it and it looks good.” I am not a fan of the BS that a lot of artist say when they are explaining their artwork. Now don’t get me wrong- there can def. be art with deep meaning and I have def. made stuff that has a lot to say about something but I am not one that is going to make up stuff just to sound artsy either. Whoops was that a rant? ok I am done now.

Anyways I do really love comics, drawing flowers and drawing anatomy. I so wanted to go to school for medical illustration. Is that weird? Well here are the paintings…

Sorry they aren’t the greatest pictures- but I don’t have them anymore to take better ones. They are hanging up over at Erin’s beautiful house.

Id Wear That (special edition!!)

So I am very very excited about todays I’d Wear That, not only am I totally in love with this look but my friend Suzi asked me to design this one for her becasue she is having her engagment party in a couple weeks and needed some ideas of what to wear. Its an afternoon/ evening party in October so I thought this look would work well for both day and night. I will admit as I started searching for ideas I came across this picture on the jcrew site…


and I totally fell in love. I mean how beautiful with the jewelry and the ruffles of the blouse, right? So I used that as a jumping off point. I took that blouse she is wearing and paired it with some of my favorite things for fall… 1.textured tights, 2. wool shorts, 3. Booties and 4.Lots of Jewelry!!! I think Suzi will look beautiful and stand out -as she should on her special night!!


Blouse: JCrew $88
Shorts: Charlotte Russe $24.99
Tights: Urban Outfitters $14
Booties: DSW $69.95
Belt: JCrew $29.50
Necklace: Forever 21 $4.80
Maroon Jeweled Bracelet: Kohls $11.99
Bracelets: Forever 21

If you have event you would like an I’d wear that post made for- let me know and we’ll see if we can work it out.

Are we friends on Facebook?
Are you following along with jenloveskev on Twitter?

Style File 9.23.09

So I think one of my favorite things so far this fall is over the knee socks. Umm they are amazing! I wear them during the day and they are even better for going to sleep. haha I hate wearing pj pants because they twist around my leg and then I wake up all uncomfortable but with the socks- I can just wear sleeping shorts and then the over the knee socks and its like wearing pants but they dont twist and they stay up. Its perfect! haha ok enough said.

We went to chowderfest after church on Sunday in Troy and this is what I wore. It was a beautiful fall day out and it was super nice to wonder around sample lots of corn chowders (the only kind there with out meat), eat ice cream and walk along the Hudson River. Plus I got to wear my boots for the first time this season. Again yay for fall!!


Sweater Dress: Old Navy $25
Necklace: Simple Vera by Vera Wang $4 (on sale)
Socks: Target $5
Boots: Chinese Laundry $70

Teacher Style File 9.22.09

Hello there my friends! Are you enjoying this early fall weather? I sure am. The weather is always funny this time of year. One day I am wearing a sweater and jacket and the next a tee shirt. The temperature is just all over the place. Have the leaves started to turn by you? They have here and they are just beautiful.

I am totally loving when the weather is a layering sort of day!


Button Up: Thrifted (Lands End) $4
Sweater: Thrifted $3
Leather Bomber: Forever 21 $30
Denim Skirt: Gap $40
Studded Ankle Boots: Forever 21 $35
Necklace: Thrifted $3

Last Nights Dinner

Vegetarian Chili and Vegan Corn Muffins

Mmm I love nothing more than warm and hearty meals as the weather starts to turn. One of my favorites is chili! Especially with all the Octoberfest beer out in the stores now! MMmmmm. The recipes below or obviously veg. but the chili could just as easily be made with ground beef and a few less beans. The corn muffins are delicious and I bet no one would even know they were vegan if you didn’t tell them.


Corn Muffins
1 1/2 teaspoons egg replacer (dry)
2 tablespoons water
1 cup yellow cornmeal
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 tablespoons white sugar
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
7/8 Soy Milk
1/8 Lemon Juice
1/2 teaspoon salt

1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees F. Grease muffin tin.
2. In a small bowl, beat together egg replacer and water. In a separate bowl, combine cornmeal, flour, baking powder, sugar and salt. Add egg mixture, oil and Milk/Lemon Juice; stir until smooth. Spoon batter into muffin tins.
3. Bake for 10 to 15 minutes, until a toothpick inserted into the center of a muffin comes out clean.

4 cloves garlic, minced
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 (28 ounce) can diced tomatoes with juice
1 (8 ounce) can tomato sauce
1 (6 ounce) can tomato paste
1 (12 fluid ounce) can or bottle beer
1 Orange Bell Pepper – chopped
3 tablespoons chili powder
1 tablespoon mustard powder
1 teaspoon dried oregano
freshly ground black pepper
2 teaspoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon hot pepper sauce (or less if you want)
1 (15 ounce) can black beans, rinsed and drained
2 (15 ounce) can garbanzo beans, drained
1 (15 ounce) can pinto beans, drained and rinsed
1 (15 ounce) can Dk. kidney beans, drained and rinsed
Frozen Corn- amount is up to you.
2 cups shredded Cheddar cheese
1 sliced Avacado

1. In a big pot, saute garlic in oil.
2. Add diced tomatoes (undrained), tomato sauce, tomato paste, beer, chili powder, mustard powder, oregano, pepper, cumin, hot pepper sauce. Stir in the pinto beans, garbanzo beans, black beans, kidney beans, bell pepper and corn. Bring the mixture to a boil, reduce heat, and let simmer for 20 minutes. Top each serving with cheese and avacado (if you’d like).

Style File 9.21.09

So since it was a laid back weekend- it called for a laid back look. Jeans were a good choice for climbing trees and you can never go wrong with a boyfriend cardigan. I love the fall…


Hat: Target $10
Cardigan: Gap (amy donation)
White Tee: Walmart $5
Jeans: UO $40
Studded Leapard Flats: Walmart $10

Over the Weekend!

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for leaving comments and suggestions on the last post (If you havent yet I’d still love to hear from you!) Anyways, I was so happy to read that everyone likes the I’d Wear That posts, so they are def. going to stay. If you ever have an event coming up and would like me to do an I’d Wear That post about it let me know!!! You also have all inspired me to get into my craft room and get to work. I have lots of ideas flowing of new art I want to make and new things I want to make for my etsy store. I guess Fridays are still up in the air but maybe thats good. We can leave that for what is inspiring me that day.

Now onto the weekend. We had a pretty laid back weekend. We did get to go APPLE PICKING!!! and I had the best apple cider donuts ever. MMmmmm they are so good I could eat about a hundred of them. I ate like 8 apples while we were there picking them and then I was on total apple overload. I couldnt help my self though. haha. Saturday night we went to one of our favorite restaurant for dinner. Going out to dinner is one of my favorite things to do. I mean I love eating good food and I love spending time with Kev so its the best of both worlds, its fun just to sit somewhere with no distractions of tv, internet, work and just enjoy each others company and conversation.

I also ran 18 miles on Saturday morning. Umm yes it was hard and no I am not crazy. hehe. I did finish and I am just a little bit sore still today. I ended up with blisters on everyone of my toes on the right foot. though- Grosss, yes I know! Only 4 more weeks till my marathon.

I guess the biggest change that happened in our weeked (are you ready for this mom and mom) is that kev buzzed his head!!! He looks good but it is very different. I still need to get adjusted to it. I will admitt that I cried a little as I helped him with the clippers. I dont know why. I wasn’t sad that he was doing it, it was just a big change I guess. He has had his curly hair for our whole relationship so I guess it was crazy to see him without it. He likes it alot though- he said he needed a change and I can totally relate because that is why I am always cutting my bangs, dying my hair or needing to do something that makes me feel different.

Have you meet our kitties before? Pirate is the dark one (close up picture) and Gully is the lighter one (the one kev is holding).


Happy Weekend!

Ok this was really funny. I was just starting to write this post about this necklace that Whitney had on her etsy shop and then I went over to her website to look for something and saw she had just posted about me.

I am so honored because I feel the same way about her!!! She always looks so effortlessly beautiful and I am totally jealous of the fact that she is going to one of the most amazing art schools and that she is a super talented photographer and seamstress. Seeing her start up her etsy shop has totally inspired me to get back into my craft room and make some new things and start creating goodies again!!

Go check out the rest of her beautiful creations in her etsy shop!!!
Isn’t this necklace so beautiful! I love it.

Anyways, the bell for the end of school has rung and its offically the weekend!! I am so happy to spend what I think will be the first fall feeling weekend with Kev. I think we are going to go apple picking and hang out at Lark Fest in Albany. I also have to run 18 miles! eeeek!! Next week I will be posting more about my marathon and some info about a charity that I am running for. I am really excited!!

This week I have been thinking alot about What I think is working good and what I think is not. I would love to hear from you guys if you have any comments or things that you would like to see more of or less of, or what you think needs to be changed. I am totally open for ideas. I really would love to hear from you!! Good or bad (maybe just not mean-hehe) Here are my thoughts…

I love doing style files, over the weekend and last nights dinner posts but the others I am up in the air about. Do you guys like seeing the I’d wear that posts?. My house is pretty much set as far as decorating so I don’t do much “Around the House” posts anymore. What could I do on fridays? I am going to try to get better at posting my artwork and craft projects on thursdays so I would like to keep that as a motivation to myself but what are your thoughts. Please let me know…

Well have a wonderful weekend!

Teacher Style File 9.18.09

So I never win anything. I could enter like a million contest and I would never win. That is why when I won one of the weardrobe contests I was super super excited. I won this cute Ivory quilted front bomber from Silence and Noise. It is awesome! I love it!

I really liked this outfit yesterday- I felt a little sailor like. I am a big fan of old pencil skirts from the thrift store. I get lots of them to wear in the winter. I was just at the goodwill yesterday and got 2 more. One is plaid and one is black. I also found 3 great dresses!! I just need to hem them all up a little bit and they will be perfect. They are patterned and have shoulder pads. I can’t wait to wear them!! It was 50% off yesterday so I left with lots of treasures.

Ivory Bomber: Silence and Noise, Prize ( I did see it at Urban Outfitters for like $150)
Sequin+Stripped Tee: Forever 21 $15
Navy Pencil Skirt: Thrifted $4
Orange/Red Canvas Flats: Walmart $9

Style File: NYFW

So the first day we were in NYC I wore this new dress I got from Forever 21. I bought it because its fun and playful and I like how it looked paired with a blazer. It was quite a comfortable shopping outfit to have on as we wondered around nyc.


Dress: Forever 21 $25
Blazer: Thrifted $6
Sunglasses: Target
Gladiator Wedges: Forever 21 $36

Boy by Band of Outsiders

So I have been a long fan of Boy by Band of Outsiders, they making looking cool so effortless. I love the Spring 2010 collection with its seaside theme. Its easy and wearable and well just so chic. Can I have one of everything to go spend a fabulous weekend in Martha Vineyard please?

Style File- IFB Soiree

So the picture we took the night of the soiree didnt come out all that great because we only had point and click cameras. So tonight Kev and me took some better photos because well I don’t know when I will wear this dress again and I think it is just so pretty and sparkley. Plus I did end up finding “the shoes” I was looking for. I tired them on and with the help of my mom and kev we all decided they were THE shoes for the dress. I just love them!!! I love the diamond cut outs and they are the softest suede- plus they are super comfy and easy to walk in which is always a plus.


Sequin Dress: H&M $40
Shoes: Steve Madden $40
Belt: NY&Co. $10
Bangles: H&M $6

Stay tune one more NYFW style file to come…

IFB Soiree and NYFW

so I am back! Today was crazy with school, grocery shopping, running home to clean it up for the real estate lady to show it to 2 different people, running 7 miles and then making dinner for kev and his friend jon its left me here at 7:58pm and I am just posting for the first time today. Sorry my friends…

So we had the best time!!! I went with the awesomest girl ever!!! We seriously had so much fun. The IFB Soiree was great- I will say it was a little overwhelming to see so many bloggers all dressed up and looking fabulous with out feeling alittle self conscience and shy. I did get to finally meet the lovely Jess from What I Wore. She looked amazing of course and did such a wonderful job as one of the panelest. I saw some other bloggers I read but was to shy to say hi. That is my fault. I am a super shy person. I thank everyone who came up to me and introduced themselves. It was great to meet you all!!

We spent the next day down at Bryant Park. It is insane down there. Such good people watching and its such a beautiful park there to sit and relax in.

Here are some of our pictures. They were taken by my lovely counterpart, I was not doing a good job taking pictures she on the other hand took some great ones…

Models leaving after their show…

30 Rock anyone?


Peta was not happy about the show about to take place…

Punky getting interviewed by NBC about her DIY jeans


We got awesome 2 finger rings made on the street- that we got to design!


umm my favorite store!

Punky, me and the oh so wonderful Jennine


Liz came and introduced herself to us!! It was nice to finally met her!


Style File 9.13.09

So a little while ago when we were visiting my parents we took a walk out to the railroad tracks behind my house to take some pictures. We use to play out there all the time when we were kids. We would have contests who could walk the longest on the tracks and all other sorts of games. We also have a huge rope swing that swings out near the tracks. Its like a little kids wonderland back there. It was fun to play out there again for a little while.

Denim Tunic: H&M $30
Leggins: H&M $20
Gladiator Wedges: Forever 21 $35

Over the Weekend + NYFW

So its Sunday night and Kev and me are just hanging out at the house, drinking tea, playing guitar, watching movies and hand cutting out some business cards for jenloveskev. Its going to be a busy next 2 days so I am posting the over the weekend post tonight.

We had a fabulous weekend. My parents came out last night to visit and this morning we got to take them to our church, out to our favorite brewery in Troy, passed the house we might put an offer on, to Kev’s work, our art show opening which was this afternoon and then around empire plaza to see the state buildings. It was a busy day but it was nice to have them around and show them that part of our life out here.

So the next Designer I want to showcase from NYFW is Charlotte Ronson. I love love love the color choices with the dark black and gray paired against the pretty soft pink and periwinkle color. I love the sheer leggings and the mix of rocker with such soft details. It’s just beautiful…

So Punky and me are off to the IFB Dress up Soiree so I may not be posting tomorrow but if you want to follow along as we are down by the tents and partying around town make sure you are following me on twitter! (

Full details of NYC when I get back!!!

Fashion Week

Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday. School was super busy and then after work I headed out to the mall to meet Erin to find some shoes for next weeks IFB Dress up Soiree. I didn’t find what I was looking for so now I don’t know what to do. It doesn’t help that I don’t even know what I am looking for, I am hoping I just know when I see them.

So have you been following all the shows at NYFW? I have! I keep anxiously waiting for the reviews and pictures to hit the internet while of course being super jealous as I read about everyone being there and getting to actually be at the shows! Someday right?

This whole week I will be posting about shows I like and my favorite outfits from different designers. After looking over everything that has been shown thus far, I have to say I just fell in love with everything Jason Wu showed. I think it is because I have a massive obsession with party dresses but boy o boy his dresses were so beautiful!!! I can’t get enough of them!!

Style File and a little more Boston

So I have to say that I think this is my new favorite outfit. I just love it! I wore it the other day when we were in Boston and I felt glamorous and city like all day. hehe Anyways of course we took some outfit pictures. I am going to include a couple here so you can see how it usually goes down…
We leave where ever we are, camera in hand… (here we are leaving our hotel)


we get to a place we think will make a good picture, but ends up that too many people are passing and I get embarassed and don’t give Kev enough time to set his exposure right. We leave…


Me thinking under the bridge will work good… Kev tells me to pose, I end up saying “like what? I don’t know what to do?”


Checking to make sure no one is looking at me…


I figure out that if I stand the other way no one can see- finally an ok one!


Kev isn’t happy with it though so we move to another location… This is me thinking if I just look like I am enjoying the view from the bridge then no one will think I am standing here in the middle of the park getting my picture taken.


I usually tell kev I have had enough by now even though he is always ready for the next picture. I can only take standing posed and awkward for so long. We finished our day relaxed and enjoying Boston…

Blouse: Forever 21 $15ish
Skirt: H&M $30
Sandals: Chinese Lanudry

From the Art Studio

How is everyone doing today? I hope good! So remember my bedroom redesign? Well shortly after I decided I would sell my Birch Tree drawing on my etsy store. Lately I have been getting some pictures sent back of murals people have painted who bought the trees. It’s so impressive and I get so excited when I get pictures of someone who has taken my drawing and added it to their home. Here are 2 I have received lately… Aren’t they just great!?!
Here is Glenda’s Living room…

Glenda Tedesco2

and here is Cristin’s bedroom…


Thanks for sending in the photos ladies!!

Style File 9.09.09

hmm its 09.09.09 today. Thats funny!
Here is my outfit from the city last Sunday. It was one of those days were in the sun you are warm but in the shade you are cold. I took my jacket on and off like 50 times. I couldnt decide what temperature I was…


Jacket: Forever 21
Button Up: Thrifted (Lands End) $3ish
Shorts: Banana Republic $25
Headband: Forever 21
Sandals: Sears

Id Wear That…

So the I’d Wear That today is inspired by next weeks IFB Dress Up Soiree. I am pretty excited about it and have be trying to figure out what the heck I am going to wear. As I was searching around the internet today I found this dress from Topshop, and I have to say I love it. I think its super ridiculous and at first I couldnt tell if I hated it or loved it. I decided loved it!! I woud totally wear it with super opaque black tights and keep it simple with some sweet shoes and bangles.


Dress: Topshop $100
Shoes: Chinese Laundry $74
Tights: Ralph Lauren $8
Bracelets: Forever 21 $4.80

Teacher Style Files 9.08.09

So I just finished my 16 mile run and I am beat, next thing for me after this post is bed!

I got this shirt at forever 21 the other day in the clearance section. There were tons of them. I don’t know why because it is seriously so adorable I think. I got these purple nylons from amy when we were in Florida and they match so perfect to the shirt and my little purple bobble flats. I felt so cute all day. Then this happened and it totally made my day… I was walking in the parking lot of the grocery store and I was passing a mom and her little daughter (she must have been 6 or 7) anyways, the little girl pulled on her mom’s coat and said “mom! mom! look! (now pointing at me) isnt that so pretty?” haha it’s that awesome?!?! lol- it makes me laugh. I think she just saw that I was wearing purple tights and purple shoes and thought it look pretty because well she is a little girl.

Plaid Shirt: Forever 21 $8.99
Belt: Target
Denim Pencil: Gap $40
Purple Nylon: Amy (sister) gave them to me!
Purple Flats: Old Navy $3.99

IFB Dress Up Soiree

Anyone else going to the IFB Dress Up Soiree next week during fashion week? I will be there and I am pretty excited!! Let me know if you are going- I would love to meet some of you!!


Over the Weekend

ahh so the birthday weekend has come to an end and I am back to school today. Sniff Sniff.
But a HUGE thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes!!! It was all greatly appreciated!

So the all I have to say (not to sound too cheesey- sorry) is that I love my husband. hehe. He was so sweet and made the most perfect weekend for us. I have always loved Boston. It is one of my favorite cities, well my favorite by far actually. We got to spend the whole weekend there- just walking the streets, holding hands, taking in all the sites and people, eating great food, going to museums, staying at an awesome hotel, and spending some much need time alone together and away from everything else. It was absolutly perfect. I could not have asked for a better birthday. The weather was amazing and really I can’t say enough good things about it all.

It all started on friday by going out to eat at my favorite local restaurant by our house. It is called luau hale. I love it there because its dark and quite and they have lots of veg. options and they play hawaiian music and it makes me think of hawaii. Anyways, then we were off to six flags. Nothing says welcome to fall to us then putting on a hooded sweatshirt, tying the hood tight and sitting in the front cart of superman. I love six flags in the fall. Well that was what was suppose to happen but six flags was closed. ooops. oh well we continued on our way east and ended at kevs families house which was nice to see everyone on my bday.

The next day we woke up and we headed into Boston ( I am totally finding all this out along the way remember) we get down to newbury street and we spend the morning/early afternoon eating brunch and shopping!! I got to buy a brand new outfit!! We hung around newbury st. and Boston common until 2 when we walked down Bolyston to find out that we were staying in a Hotel! We stayed at the Charles Mark Hotel. It was this beautiful and modern hotel- it was awesome. The rest of the day was spent- wondering around to all our favorite spots- charles river, the north end, quincy market and then late night dinner at the Parish Cafe. Sunday we woke up and headed over to the ICA– to check out all the art and well the beautiful building it is in. We saw some really awesome videos, and some ok art but the building itself was well worth the money to get in. It is gorgeous! What a view from the 4th floor over the whole harbor. We spent the rest of the day hanging out, doing some more shopping and of course eating. hehe I love eating at good restaurants! I was so tired by the end of the day! We walked all over the entire city. I will live in boston one day!

Monday we slept in and then headed back out to western mass, we stopped at On the Boarder for some lunch and to my surprise had some guests waiting for me!! Mike and Erin were there to have a birthday lunch with us! It was so great to see them and spend time chatting and eating. I love them!

Last night we just got to relax at our own home, eating grilled cheese, tomato soup and watching lots of arrested development!
It will be a birthday I will never forget. Thank you Kev!!


WOW- that was the longest post ever- sorry!
I do have some great style file posts from this weekend coming up!!!! So stay tuned…

My birthday emails have arrived…

Eeek!! I have no idea what they are going to say!!

How smart is he and graphic designery (ha! dont think that’s a word) that he put a line of Lorem ipsum at the beginning of each email so it wouldn’t show the first line of what he wrote. There is alot of stuff planned!! The first email he wrote it very cute. It breaks down each day as far as fashion goes. He doesn’t give anything away but he is quite specific to what style clothing I would probably wear and what I need to pack because I guess we are leaving our house when he gets home!!


ok I’m off to pack. Further postings will be on twitter

Happy Birthday to me!!

So today I am 27! I got woken up this morning to homemade waffles with whipped cream, scrambled eggs, and a bouquet of lilies. It was a great way to start my birthday! Kev also gave me a card that said that this afternoon I would start to receive emails from him with dates and times in the subject lines. He said that I would only be able to open the emails when it was that exact time and date. I am thinking they are clues to things that we will be doing throughout the weekend. He has the whole 3 day weekend planned and I have absolutely no idea what he has up his sleeves. I am pretty excited!!

So I wish all of you a fabulous labor day weekend!! I don’t think I will be posting on Monday- so I will be back on Tuesday with the full report of our weekend. You can follow along on twitter though if you are just dying to know what Kev has planned. I will be posting little updates and pictures throughout the weekend.

Follow Along

I leave you with some amazing cupcakes that I wish I could be eating for my birthday!!

From the Art Studio

So today instead of something about what I did I am going to share something Kev worked on instead and be the proud wife. hehe

Back in April Kev had to go to Maui (I know, I know) for 2 weeks for work. One of his clients at work is a hotel group that owns luxurious resorts around the world. Anyways they needed Kev to come out and photograph the resort and to get a “feel” of it so he could then come back and design the website for it. Well it just went live the other day and it looks beautiful and I am so proud to see it and see his photography all over it. He is truly one of the most talented and creative people ever!

Go check out the site: Hotel Hana Maui!!!


Id Wear That

Yay!! Tomorrow is my birthday!! I am turning 27!! Yikes I can’t believe it. I feel quite old, but I kinda like it at the same time. I am loving life at this age! Anyways, my birthday just happens to land around labor day every year (thanks mom) and that means its a long weekend!! kev hasn’t told me what we are doing but he says he has the whole weekend planned for my birthday. I cant wait!! This is the outfit I would like to wear out and about where ever we are going….

(i know this is a day late- sorry guys! bear with me as I get adjusted to being back at school!)


Floral Silk Tank: Forever 21$19.90
Leather Skirt: Forever 21$19.80
Jean Jacket: Old Navy $29
Awesome Shoes: Modcloth $84.99
Glasses: Fred Flare$11

Teacher Style File 9.02.09

So we had a challenge this evening taking these photos. It was like the attack of every mosquito ever!!- we keep running around like “ok ready” “buzz” “yeah” “click” “click” “buzz” “ok I gotta move again- the bugs!” “Buzz”. You could not stop and stay still for more than like 2 seconds with out being swarmed with hundreds of mosquitos. It was terrible. Needless to say- we didn’t have very many pictures to choose from. I think they came out pretty good though.

Blouse: Forever 21 $15ish
Ruffle Top Pencil Skirt: Forever 21 $20ish
Tights: H&M
Flats: Dollhouse (TJ Max) $19

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Teacher Style File 9.01.09

Ahh its September! My birthday is in 3 days!! Can you guess how old I will be?

I have to apologize for my posting lately. I have not been very good about staying on my daily posts. Like I was suppose to post a recipe that I made last night today but I didn’t. Remember I came home yesterday from school, ran 13. 5 miles and then fell asleep at 8. I didn’t make dinner. I promise I will get back into a better “i’m back to work routine” soon. Here is my outfit from today… can you tell I am in love with my Bow headband I got from forever 21 the other day. I have been wearing it nonstop since.


Headband: Forever 21
Double Button Stripped Sweater: Forever 21
Pink Tank: Victoria’s Secret
Black Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Flats: Target

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H&M Ads

Can I just say I am in love with these ads for H&M with Sasha Pivovarova. Every time I walk by the store or go in I look at the giant wall poster and fall in love again. I love the bow, the hair, the eye makeup, THE SHOES! the leggings, shirt- just everything. I may or may not have tried on the whole outfit at H&M (minus the shoes- are those suppose to be from there too?). Now where exactly do you wear sequin leggings? haha I dont think I live that luxurious of a life to own a pair of those. Needless to say it looked much better on her than me- but I can still dream can’t I?

Over the Weekend

So most of our weekend was consumed with wedding things. We had the rehearsal dinner on friday night and then the wedding on Saturday. I couldn’t believe the weather on Saturday. Nothing like a hurricane with freezing temperatures at the end of August. We had a great time at the wedding though. I know Kev enjoyed hanging out with all his old friends from high school. Adam (Kevs friend from growing up) took us out on the town (worcester) after the wedding. We were out till like 3am- we never do that and I was totally exhausted the next day. Haha I guess that means we are getting old. We had a great night though. We wish we got to hang out with Adam more often.

Sunday we had a birthday lunch for me at my parents house. MMmmm my mom made lots of delicious food and I got my b-day present from them- oh yeah!! My birthday is this friday- Sept. the 4th.

Right now its 4:30am- I know I know crazy right? I came home after school and I had to do my long run which was 13.5 miles. Its crazy to me because I have trained for a couple 1/2 marathons and you train and train and train to run this 13.1 mile race and its this big thing but when you are training for a marathon and you get to that mileage in your training- its like this weird mental thing to realize that every weekend for the next month and a half you are going to be running a half marathon and longer- like its not suppose to be this big deal. Let me just tell you my half marathon distance today whipped me out. I got home from my run today and I was done- it makes me cry. I totally fell asleep at 8. Now its 4:30 and I woke up and am totally awake- DOH! I hope I can fall asleep after this for a little while before I have to get up for school.

Anyways back to weekend pictures…

Adam and me

alittle 4West action (Kev and Dan’s college dorm room rap band…)

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