First Day of School Motivation

So yesterday morning I came downstairs to the kitchen to find this super cute and hilarious little note from Kev. It was totally what I needed to get me thru the first day ( I get really really nervous for the first day- I dont know why?) We have always had this thing where we like drawing each others heads on cat bodies to cheer the other person up. We also think its hilarious to draw any human head on any animal body. It just cracks us up. One time we went to this big Graphic Design party in Hawaii that had this mural wall you could draw on and we drew this huge battle of humanhead/animal body characters all fighting each other. Which is also another thing I like. Drawing animals that dont go together fighting. Like a Squrriel fighting a shark, or a starfish fighting a giraffe. Its all in cartoon form of course. I think I am just easily amused!! Whenever I look at this card from yesterday it makes me laugh…

haha I also have to share this… Kev had a court date the other day for a speeding ticket- which he forgot about and missed. He had to write a letter to the court and ask them to reschedule. When I was mailing the letter I used one of our new stamps that we got. As I was putting the Homer stamp on the evelope- I thought it would be so funny to write DOH! coming out of his mouth. hahaha I hope someone at the courthouse is a simpson fan and thinks this is as funny as I did!


  1. hahah love the “DOH!”
    and very cute note.
    hope you had a great first day!

  2. I love the note! But I think the best part, is that he wrote it on a coloraid card!

  3. I like the stamp, that’s hilarious.

    And I might try the animal/head cartoon idea for my boyfriend sometime.. maybe put it in his bag to find at work… Thanks for the idea!

  4. hahahaha! That’s pretty funny. 🙂

  5. that stamp KILLS me! Oh Simpsons. I’ll admit I dont watch them any more, I thought the movie was okay…

  6. Haha! That’s adorable 🙂 Love it! Happy first day back to school! We are just finishing up our second week already—the routine settles in quickly, don’t worry!

  7. very funny! really made me lol.

  8. I literally laughed out loud because of that stamp… !

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