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Kev and me have another art show that we are hanging next week. This time its a group show with some other people and not just me and kev. I am excited because I get to show some different art from what I had just shown. Here are a few of the pieces that I will be hanging. They are sort of the same mixed media style as my newer pieces from the last show but a little more muted. Each one is drawn and painted on top of collaged music sheets, dress patterns and different papers. They were inspired by a time period or feelings I associate with older more simpler times.

  1. I love these! Man, I wish I lived on the east coast, I would totally come to your show. I hope it goes well for you guys!

  2. Rebecca •

    Love the peacock, and love the girl with antlers. I want to buy them! I’d love to see them as prints.

  3. The peacock one is amazing!

  4. I totally want the peacock painting!! It’s gorgeous and soooo viabrant! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Good luck with your show! I wish I wasn’t in Missouri 🙁

  5. The peacock one is AMAZING! Truly amazing. congrats!

  6. love the peacock painting!!

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