Last Nights Dinner

Mashed Potato Pizza

So we both love homemade pizza! We actually make it a lot for dinner- usually its covered with pineapple, but tonight I wanted to try something different. I wanted to make something really easy because we had lots of work going on last night. I decided to try to make my own pizza skins (mmm unos). Since its such a carbo-o-load dinner I had to pair the pizza with a salad with lots of veggies so I could feel sort of healthy. I just have to say that this pizza was delicious. Mmm it was so tastey and such a comfort food. I highly recommend it. I would totally have liked to make the dough but I didnt have time. Its really easy to make, but I just used a bobeli whole wheat crust. I made half the pizza with bacon and cheese (kevs side) and my side I put broccoli, tomatoes, chives, and cheese.

Mashed Potato Pizza

Bobeli Pizza Crust/ You can just as easily make our own dough
Small Red Potatoes (cut in halves)
Cheddar Cheese (shredded)
Tomato (thinly sliced)
Garlic salt
Olive Oil

1. Preheat Oven (I needed mine at 450, but to whatever you need for your dough/crust)
2. Brush Olive Oil on Crust, then sprinkle Garlic Salt
3.Boil the Potatoes until there are ready to be mashed.
4. Stick the Bobeli Crust in the oven for just a min. or 2 with the oil and garlic salt.
5. Mash Potatoes adding, butter, milkm salt and pepper to taste.
6. Top Pizza with potatoes
7. Add toppings- Broccoli, Thinly sliced tomatoes, Cheese and chives
8. Cook for 8 mins- or until cheese is melted.

  1. I love home-made pizza. And yes, I have the guilt-relief side salad as well. As soon as I have a bigger freezer I’ll be stocking up on these ( so I’ll have pre-made shells on hand if I’m in a pinch.

  2. Mmmm… that does look good. I’m going to have to try making your ‘healthy pizza’. I love making homemade pizza too. I usually get the pre-made dough kind & press oregano or basil into it. Delicious.

  3. jwookie •

    I love pizza and I love mashed potatoes. Such a happy coupling! Your blog is so fantastic. THANK YOU! (you’re one of my daily reads)

  4. I LOVE potato pizza. We too make pizza all the time…ever since I got my pizza stone last fall. I need to experiment with my potato pizza, I worked at a place that made it, and I’ve had trouble recreating it ever since.

  5. this looks so delicious! i just got hungry.

  6. This looks amazing [running out to buy ingredients!]

  7. Please send 1 mashed potato pizza to my house. Thank You.

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