Style File 8.23.09

So since the pictures Kev took were so nice- I am going to use this as my style file for today…


Plaid Button Up: Walmart (yeah thats right-hehe)
Jeans: Levi (curvy fit- haha yes they fit me good!) Skinny Jean
Sandals: Sears
Sunglasses: Forever 21

Only 2 more days till my Teacher Style Files return.

  1. This picture is the definition of summer. The blue skies and the green grass! Love it!

  2. I love your shirt! beautiful picture too! I can’t believe school is starting already….

  3. Loving that shirt so much!! Do you think there are any left at Walmart… do you mind if I copy you? I just think that shirt is darling!! =)

  4. that shirt fits you so well! Very nice

  5. I really dig that shirt! Is it a Miley Cyrus shirt? No, really… I know that sounds lame, but she did a line at Walmart with Max Azaria, and this is so cute that I wonder if it’s part of that.

  6. I just bought almost the same one! It might just be… Love your style Jen. Good luck with school. I start Monday, aahhhhh!!!!!

  7. Cute top!

  8. I bought that same shirt this spring, the elastic on the sleeves fell out almost immediately, but the fluttery effect it gave makes me really happy.

  9. amy your sister •

    you have the levi’s curvy skinny ones too!? im so glad that people are coming to their senses and thinking about us girls that cannot wear those pesky low rise i have no butt jeans. i am still amazed everytime i put on one of my new pairs of jeans as to how well they fit. the guess ones stretched a little bit to perfection. the levis are just a bit roomy, stretchy and high waisted enough to feel like REAL jeans and also to bike in comfortably and not show any bum crack or have to constantly be pulling a shirt down. i have not regretted the 150 dollar once. and have worn nothing but since i got home. i LOVE jeans again!! HURRAY!

  10. Amy, so glad your hunt for jeans is over – I think I’ve been hearing about the perfect jeans forever. Glad I was there to witness the big purchase. Enjoy! xoxo

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE times a million…you get the point…that shirt!
    So super cute!
    Your family is as cute as that shirt…omg if my mom ever commented on my blog I’d have a fit!

    Good luck with the house hunting…I am sad you are leaving behind your forest bedroom.

  12. I have to go buy that shirt now. I love it.

  13. Help me find these jeans! I need skinnies that fit my fuller hips!

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