Over the Weekend

Its 12:54am on monday- now I know its technically Tuesday but if I am still up and am posting this right now does it count that I posted it on Monday? hehe sorry for the late post. This week is a little crazy. We are putting our house up for sale and we have the realtor coming tomorrow so we spent a good portion of tonight painting some put off projects and doing a major cleaning. Tomorrow is officially my last day of summer. I have to report to school on Wednesday for Teacher stuff and then the first day of school is on Thursday. Crazy!!

The weekend was ok. Saturday as I wrote before was ehh but we went to a show in Albany on Saturday night which was like a breath of fresh air. You feel the bass as the band plays one of your favorite songs and you feel revived and refreshed. We went to see Emery, it is one of our favorite bands. Sunday, we went to church and then off to meet the realtor to look at a couple houses. We are narrowing our search I think. In the afternoon the sun came out for a while and we decided to do another little photo shoot together…


  1. Oh you’re selling your house now that you’ve redone your bedroom? I really loved what you did there. Are you going to do the mural again in your new home?

  2. Scarlett •

    Love the shirt!!! It’s wicked. Oh and you’re my most favourite blog, all the way over here in Australia. Love it!

  3. The pictures of the two of you together are always so amazing. You’re just gorgeous, by the way (and LOVING the Wal-Mart plaid!!!).

  4. I have followed you for a while and love all your fashion, and now with the music post and then being cheered up by seeing Emery…I think we could be best friends! Haha : ) Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s fun to see it everyday!

  5. You two are so cute!

    And your ruffled shirt is darling. 🙂

  6. U two are the cutest!!!!!! and love your top 🙂

  7. you’ve got a lot going on! little sigh of sadness when you said you were selling your house. It’s such a pretty house.

  8. Cute pictures! I love your shirt and the sunnies.

  9. amy your sister •

    bubble and roman frolicking through the fields barfffffff j/k guys love you .

  10. Hey,
    I am super jealous you got to see Emery. I’m sure it was a sweet show. I found this place that you already probably know about called anna bananas down in town that has a lot of good bands. Tell Kevin I miss him, and you of course. Hope you guys are having fun! Tell everyone we said hi!

  11. I absolutely cannot get over how vivid the colors are in these pics…were they touched up at all??? What a beautiful spot…I have never been more north on the east coast than New York City but I think I’ve been missing out… my goodness. 🙂

    Also, that shirt rocks the house!


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