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So I will be honest- this has not been the best day its pouring rain, I am totally bummed about this weardrobe conference (I didnt think I was going to be able to go so I didn’t try, but now things changed and its booked up and I am upset because I feel like I am missing out on having this great chance to meet all the lovely ladies who are going) and well just other stuff is going blah. It is so good to be home though- that car ride from Flordia to Mass is pretty terrible. I had to drop my mom off first in central mass before I headed home to the berkshires. It was late already but I had to sit in traffic for an hour and a half. Like dead stop traffic! I was not a happy camper. The thing that got me thru was knowing I was going to be seeing kev and listening to these songs- which I am actually listening to now too because its also just one of those days and music is a good healer…
You should listen to these too!

1. Au Revoir Simone- Stay Golden
2. Beach Boys- In my room
3. Elliot- Song in the air
4. Piebald- Where have all the classics gone
5. The Get Up Kids- Out of Reach
6. Beyonce- Halo
7. Dashboard Confessional- A plain morning
8. Bob Marley- Redemption Song
9. The Postal Service- Sleeping In
10. Regina Spektor- Fidelity
11. Modest Mouse- 3rd Planet
12. Nico- These days
13. Pedro the Lion-Priests and Paramedics
14. Jack Johnson- Inaudible Melodies
15. The Smiths- Half a person
16. Bright Eyes- Coat Check Dream Song
17. Etta James- A sunday kinda love
18. Mirah-Mt. St. Helens
19. Yeah Yeah Yeah’s- Skeletons
20. Cat Power- The Greatest
21. Mates of State- Drop and Anchor
22. Rocking Horse Winner- When songbirds sing
23. She & Him- You really got a hold on me
24. Silent Drive- Davey Crockett

Some of these bands I have been listening to since I was in High school, but thats why I love them. They are comforting for so many reason. Do you have certain songs you want to hear when you are sad, stressed, sick, upset?? I love how music can really fit into any mood that you can experience. Anyone see the episode of Family guy when Peter wishes for a soundtrack for his life? I wish that sometimes. Wouldn’t that be cool? What are your comfort songs?

p.s. Kev and me took this picture together a couple days ago… cute huh?

  1. i’ve been in love with nico’s “these days” for so so long. and the postal service “sleeping in.” so great. there’s something so dreamy and nostalgic about them both, yet restorative somehow too.

    i’m not sure i’ve ever commented on your blog before, but i’m such a big fan. 🙂

  2. Cutest fricken picture ever! What’s the deal with this weardrobe thing? Is that the NYC conference? Did you get offered too? Please fill in….I am so curious its killing me! LOL! Feel better, you are home and in the arms of your handsome hubby. You should frame this one!

  3. Delurking for the first time….
    Just wanted to say that that picture is PERFECTION!!!
    You and your husband are an inspiration to marriage done right, and I heart your blog, your food, and your style!

  4. LOVE your blog. Love your style, your sense of humor, the photos & how in love you are. I totally wish I had a soundtrack to my life, in fact I think I kind of do…we are sort of all making one as we go along, but it’s important to recognize it too. Comfort songs make everything better. Thanks for being a wonderful read!

  5. This is an absolutely gorgeous picture of the two of you.

  6. the pic of you and kev is perfect! you two make an incredibly cute couple 🙂

  7. hey, thanks for the songs! some of them had been off my rotation, and some are new to me! yay! i wanted to give you an update on chalkboard paint… my “chalkboard” works great for white or color chalk, but i do have to wipe it with a damp rag to erase it well. whatever’s happening, i hope that you enjoy your sunday!!

  8. Thanks for all the sweet comments everyone. The readers of this blog are ways such a bright spot on any day!! And thanks to the new commenters!!

  9. very cute picture, is it in a coin wash?

    that playlist sounds good, I’ll have to check out some of the ones i haven’t heard of. can i suggest City & Colour?? he’s a singer-songwriter from Canada named Dallas Green who also plays in a really hard rock band. he’s my fave. you might like him if you haven’t already heard of him

  10. soooo cute, omg i love this photo.

  11. I agree -way to cute!

  12. Aw sorry you had a blah day! Of course you know how much I love your blog. But as other commenters have said, I too am so inspired by your adorable marriage. I started dating the sweetest guy I’ve ever met about 7 months ago and you guys get me so excited for the future. I love all your adventures and cute pics! I can only hope one day I live a married life as sweet!

  13. For some reason, when my husband was living in Ohio for 9 months (and I in Boston), I listened to Pete Yorn all the time…

  14. Oh, good playlist. I love so many of those songs.
    When I’m feeling down, I always turn to Old Crow Medicine Show, John Prine or the Avett Brothers.

  15. Ugh.. I definitely know the feeling of sitting in stock-still traffic.. in SoCal that’s pretty much the norm.. and can COMPLETELY relate to your thoughts about music as I’m sure many can…I was a music major in college (until the end of sophmore year, I ended up minoring in music) and my husband laughs because he says I am always singing or humming even though I don’t even realize I am doing it… *sigh*. Ok, that was way too much rambling.. anyhoo….some of my favorites are : “Stargazer” by MotherLoveBone, “Patience” by GunsNRoses, pretty much anything by the Killers or Death Cab for Cutie, and “Kooks” by David Bowie is a good one…Oh, and the the whole “White Album” by the Beatles… hahaahahaha!


  16. Cutest photo, ever! And I like your hat! :0)

  17. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been bummed, this is great list of songs though. Whenever I’m feeling discontent I listen to the Smiths. I love that picture of you and Kev, so cute!

  18. I totally feel you on the weardrobe conference! I’m not able to go and I feel like I’m going to miss out on such an amazing opprotunity and experience. Hopefully they’ll do another one. But on the bright side, that’s an adorable picture!

  19. Thanks again everyone for the comments and suggestions of music to listen too!!

  20. I love singer/songwriters like Jack Johnson, John Mayer, and Damien Rice. Im sure you have heard of the first two, but Damien Rice is amazing as well!

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