I remember being in High School looking thru the Jcrew catolog being in love with everything in there. I use to flip to the “business like attire” section and think I will wear this stuff one day when I am a teacher. Hehe well I don’t dress as fancy as that now that I am one but Boy would I like to own some of these outfits in the August Catalog. I think I enjoy the JCrew catalog more than the anthropologie one- they style the outfits so beautifully and the backgrounds are just breathtaking. Everything is so soft looking- like even though you would like a million bucks you would be so warm and cozy feeling wearing it all. I love it!! What do you think?


  1. The colors are so lovely, and I can’t get enough of those ruffles! I was never a J.Crew fan as a kid (used to get it confused with the Gap), but I really like their stuff now. Must be a sign of impending adulthood! :0)

  2. Nice! Especially those 7/8 pants (my new favourite length) and that first top. Too bad I can’t get JCrew in my country though.

  3. agreed! they do such a great job! i suddenly want ruffles all over my body.

  4. Man I wish I was rich enough and cool enough to pull those off!! So gorgeous!!

  5. 2nd picture = AMAZING outfit. I think this can be achieved by thrifted items no? Or a little bit of sewing. JCrew should make themselves more affordable, if they did I would shop online or through catalogue more often. I just love that they make their catalogues so beautiful, but hate the look of the stores.

  6. oh man… i used to say (well, i’d still say this) if i won the lottery, i would ONLY shop at J Crew. i guess that’s kind of stupid… but not really.

  7. -ooh i totally agree- the stores don’t do the catalog justice. Its very uninspiring in a jcrew store!

    -haha i like the lottery idea. I think I would have to shop else where too- but def. more at jcrew because if I won I could go and buy all these outfits!!

    -ruffles ruffles ruffles!!!

  8. I think you’re absolutely right. LOVE J.Crew. Would wear every single thing shown here.

  9. I am in total love with J.Crew, the town where my mom lives has an outlet which I always spend too much money at ever time I visit!

  10. I have yet to actually make a J.Crew purchase. I’m always tempted by their online sale…but ALL SALES FINAL?! Really? Who does that these days? But I use their wonderful outfit pairings as inspiration for my own closet.

  11. I haven’t even looked at J Crew since high school so I didn’t realize all of the beautiful clothing they have going on now…. Thanks Jen!

  12. oooooh, i think i have to make a trip over the border to Buffalo for the ruffled jacket

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