Summer Style Files 8.12.09

Kev took off work today so we could spend some time together before I leave tomorrow for FL. It is always super hard to be away from each other. I always think it will be fine until its time to go and then I feel sick over it. I miss him like crazy! Anyways, we had a great great day together. We woke up and went bike riding around and then biked to a diner down the street for some breakfast. Then we drove out to the triplex (movie theater) to see a matinee of 500 days of summer- which I enjoyed very much. On our way home Kev wanted to do a photo shoot. He is getting more into taking style file pictures then me. hehe. He of course is just interested in taking cool photos in neat places not so much the fashion part- but whatever it works out good for me. As we were talking the pictures the sky looked like the apocalypse was about to happen. It was crazy! It started raining in the middle of our photo session but we got some good ones.

Hat: Target
Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Chinese Laundry (TJ Max)

So I am leaving early in the morning and my parents house down there doesn’t have internet. Don’t fret though! I will post pictures of things I can take pictures of with my iphone, but there will be no scheduled posts for the next week. I’ll be back in full swing Monday August 24th. Yikes! 3 days before the first day of school!!!!

  1. Great pictures! And I love the vest and hat.
    haha I wish my boyfriend liked taking pictures!

  2. I love the dress. It makes such a pretty silhouette!!

  3. the photos and your outfit look great! I’ve wanted to see 500 Days Of Summer too. Have fun on your trip (and lets not think about the start of school TOO much!)!

  4. Paul is the same way about photos. Now he asks me every night…”Pictures?” Sometimes I have to say no. Have fun on your trip, I will miss your updates…:(

  5. This looks adorable! I really like your dress.

  6. It’s gonna be tough at first..but surely you’ll be fine:)
    Great outfit BTW!!especially the dress!

  7. Those pictures are awesome and the sky is unreal! Aaaah, school starts so soon, we’ve got to take advantage of what’s left of summer! Have fun in Florida!

  8. Very nice pics. Love the whole ensemble. That last photo is phenomenal, too.

  9. Ominous skies are the perfect light for photographing!

    Just wanted to pop by and mention that I’m celebrating my 100th blog post today with a giveaway! All are welcome to enter, so feel free to stop by 🙂

  10. Maybe Kevin should try talking my boyfriend into taking my photos for me! I’m sick of the tripod set up! These photos are awesome, so kudos to Kev and kudos to you for such a lovely outfit! I’m really digging that dress! And you never fail to look so darn great in fedoras!

    I know, how green am I? 🙂 Sorry.

  11. Oh, I love the photos! So pretty. What a great boyfriend. My guy doesn’t mind doing my photos, but alas, my self-timer usually does the job better than he does!

    Y’all are a great team!

  12. i love your dress its so cute with the tiny vest 🙂 Kev takes such awesome photos!

  13. Cool pictures… have fun in Flo-rida!!!

  14. Great photos! And your outfit is, as always, very cute.

    I know what you mean about thinking it’s going to be ok to be away from your man…if I have to travel without Andy, I usually have massive freaks out a couple days before I leave. It’s very traumatic. People keep telling me that it will go away and that I will want to “get away” without him, but I don’t think so.

    Have fun with your family! You’ll be back home before you know it!

  15. I love the photos!

    I know how you feel, being away from your husband and all. Which is why I could never be married to a consultant who travels 5 days a week…my husband and I like to hang out and do things together, and this week has been no exception! We took our vacations at the same time, and have just been hanging out a lot, which has been fab.

    But at the same time I’m sure you’ll have a great time with your family.

  16. I love the layout for your blog! Not to mention these photos are beautiful, and lovely outfit!

  17. I found you via Adored Austin- great blog! Your photography is great too. I’ve added you to my reader and look forward to reading and seeing more!

  18. oooh i’m soo excited! i have always admired these chinese laundry shoes of yours and when i was shopping today i found them at Macy’s! They were on sale so I let myself get them! Now I just have to find outfits as cute as yours to wear with them!! Enjoy the rest of your break! I start teaching again tomorrow! ahhh!

  19. Those are great shots! how handy to have a great photographer around 🙂

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