Over the Weekend

Here are a few tidbits from the weekend. I will break everything down today into bullet points.

  • -Saw Sarah and Damien on Friday night- it was great!
  • -Ran 9 miles saturday morning- got lost.
  • -Sat in traffic on our way out to central mass
  • -Celebrated Kev’s sisters b-day with family and an awesome bbq dinner
  • -Got to see my sister Amy and John
  • -Sat in traffic on the way home from central mass
  • -Tired to clean the war zone that is my craft room- ended up watching Rushmore instead
  • -Went on a late night bike ride followed by Auntie Annies Mac and Cheese and then some Arrested Development


  1. I loved the grittiness and colors of these photos and lo and behold they were taken with an iphone. I’m totally impressed.

  2. I’m loving that outfit! The leather bomber works really well.

  3. Killer photos. Making me want an iphone….

  4. Your outfit is so cute! and you look so skinny lately 🙂

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