Monday Morning

So this morning I woke up and opened up my laptop as I laid in bed still (becoming my morning ritual now) and started reading thru my emails. I was completely shocked as I clicked on the link to see who won last weeks weardrobe contest to find it link to the picture that I sent in. I was so excited my heart leaped from my chest as I called kev to tell him. I never win anything so I was pretty excited. Yippie!!!

I know some of you are also fellow weardrobers but if you aren’t is such a great website. Its very inspiring to see everyones outfits and its such a great community of people to be a part of.

I also just want to take a minute and thank each and everyone of you that read this blog. You don’t know how amazing it is to me that you read this and that you leave comments to me. I read every comment that is written and if you leave a website I will always go and read thru it and usually add it to my reader as well. I feel like I have been making friends all over and I talk about you to Kev like you are my friends (maybe thats weird but?) I truly appreciate every comment that is left!! You all inspire me on a daily basis to stay creative and keep blogging- it has become such a bonus to my life. I hope someday I can meet some of you. I know we all have a lot in common but until then please keep leaving comments and keep up the good work on all your lovely blogs!!

  1. congratulations! you have some great style and it’s about time you were properly recognized for it!

  2. How exciting! I love your style and I’m glad I found your blog 🙂

  3. YAY!!!! Congrats! I LOVE the photo he took with the sun coming through your arm. Very nice outfit and pics!

  4. Did you win a present?

  5. whoa, sweet! Also, I love that picture with the sun peeking behind your elbow. Looks like a catalog photo!

  6. Aww warm fuzzies!
    Congrats, it’s so cute how excited you are!

  7. You are one of my fave bloggers, because you are so sweet. Congrats on your win!

  8. aww! exciting stuff. did you win anything or just the awesomeness to say you’re the best dressed 😉

    i love your blog…we’ll keep reading as long as yoooou keep being cute.

  9. Yay! Congrats on winning!! You’ve got a lovely blog too!! I’m going to add your blog to my blogroll 🙂

  10. That is *so* cool! Congratulations!

    And don’t worry, I also talk to my boyfriend about all the blogs… It’s not weird!

  11. That’s totally awesome! Your clothes are always super cute…you’ve completely inspired me to get my fall style together.

    I feel much better now about how I feel about some of the blogs I read. I find myself having lots in common with people and I do end up thinking about folks as friends, even though I’ve never met them!

    Have a good one!

  12. That’s exciting!! (& deserved). I really need to get around to joining weardrobe. Soon.

  13. I was so excited when I saw it was you who won!!! Yay yay yay! Congrats! The photos were awesome!

  14. Congrats lady! You rocked this contest and I’m so glad you won! Such a cute look. Andddd….kudos on cradling the sun there, too! Not many gals can do that. 🙂

    Ha, I’ve talked to my boyfriend about fellow bloggers. I call you ladies my fashionable posse. 🙂 And by fashionable posse, I mean the girls I wish I went to college with and lived in the same dorm hallway with, i.e. the most awesome combined closet experiment EVER!

  15. Hi Jennifer 🙂
    After reading your “Monday Morning” i feel like i also want to say something to you.
    For the last few months i am a regular audience for your blog and i just love your blog.

    I am from Bangladesh. I hope you have heard about my country.The culture here is very different than yours. But after reading your blog i can feel that there is a cute similarity among all the girls in this world. They all love family and they all love life 🙂

    Congrats again……
    take care.

  16. kaitlyn •

    yeah! congratulations! i’m so happy for you 🙂

  17. You’ve become one of my favorites, and a daily read, because you don’t just share your style, but you share your life with the world. You always come across as being so real and lacking in self-consciousness. You inspired me to start my own blog!

    Oh, and I can’t wait to see your back-to-school outfits!


  18. * happy dancing*
    Congrats. I must say I was really shocked and happy the first time you left a comment on my blog. It was like a celebrity talked to me…:).
    Thanks for your email too.

  19. I frequently talk to my hubs about bloggers who he’s I’ve never met in real life. And I typically use the name of the blog to identify the person as well. Weird.

  20. Congrats. I read your blog everyday! You such a down to earth type of person and its nice to see what you will create next.

  21. congrats! that’s such great news!

  22. This is so cool… How perfect after our talk on Friday night! Congrats 🙂

  23. Congrats! I need to go check this weardrobe thing out btt I’m always so behind on all that stuff Maybe, I’ll wait til the bandwagon is leaving and then jump on….

  24. CONGRATS!!! 🙂

  25. Hi again! 🙂

    I’ve given you an award for being such a lovely blogger. Come check it out on my blog 🙂

  26. I can definitely believe that you won that contest… you have given me oodles of new fashion ideas…congrats! 🙂

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