Happy Weekend Style File

Happy Weekend everyone!! I hope you all enjoy yourselves and enjoy life with loved ones. We are off to central mass to visit family and celebrate a birthday. Here are some style file photos from last night- we went out to see our friends at rt. 7 grille in Great Barrington. It was great to see them!!! It had been a long time! We ended the evening with some coffee gelato and a stroll around railroad st. We make a good team because I love dressing up and Kev loves taking photos. Although I get embarrassed and squirm to get pictures taken of myself- I try for him. hehe I always just want 1 good shot of my outfit but he always wants it to be all artsy and to pose and I never know what to do. I can’t blame him though- his ideas for pictures are always better than mine. I gave him like 2 mins to take these photos because we were on the side of the road and I didn’t like the cars driving by and looking. Have you looked at his photography portfolio yet? Go then! Now!


Fake Leather Bomber: Forever 21 $30
Dress: Johnny Martin (TJ Max like 3 years ago?)
Hat: Forever 21
Best Shoes in the world: Forever 21 $34

  1. Ok…just have the say that your dubbed “best shoes in the world” look awesome.. especially with that dress.. super cute!! 🙂

  2. This outfit is hot! Matt always takes pictures for me and I’m so picky ‘I hate them all, take different ones!’ He is blessed with the patience of a saint…

  3. oh my! those photos are lovely. i especially love the last two. that sun burst looks so neat. he IS really good. i will be sure to check out his photos…
    ps: you’re super pretty jen! and i love that dress…and those shoes…and um, the jacket and hat…and okay okay, i love the whole darn thing!

  4. Those ARE the best shoes in the world. And awesome dress, beautiful!

  5. LOVE the sunburst photo! the warmth is beautiful. should be featured somewhere!

  6. Great look and beautiful pic with the sun behind you!!

  7. My (almost) Hub does the same thing. I know what you mean, I am really NO good at posing. I feel so awkward, thats why I usually look away. He’t into photography big time too, but wants to keep it as just a hobby.
    I like your “best shoes in the world”!

  8. I love your party look! very edgy and yet feminine at the same time 🙂

  9. your armpit’s on fire!!!

  10. That is a really great dress. Love that shot with the sun shining through 🙂

    And can I just say, that I love how you post your adorable outfits.

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