Summer* Style File 8.3.09

So this is my outfit that I wore Friday night to the art opening. I had gone to meet Erin at Forever 21 on her Lunch break again and I was totally going to get that outfit from my last I’d Wear That, I searched that whole entire store to find that they didn’t have that skirt- sniff sniff or that tank- sniff sniff. I found this really cute dress that I was going to get but that the guilt of buying something that wasn’t super necessary set in and I ended up just buying THE SHOES!!! Which of course I was excited for. I love them- they make me feel like a model or a giant. I am not sure which one. I am pretty tall to begin with so wearing a wedge that it quite tall makes me even taller. I get strange looks but what can I say- I just love these shoes so I’ll take the stares.


Shirt: Thrifted (Landsend Oxford)
Neckalces: Simply Vera by Vera Wang $3.99
Skirt: H&M $15
Shoes: Forever 21

*Teacher Style Files will return August 27th (gulp-so soon!)

  1. Jen, don’t worry! I am 5’8″, and I LOVE 4″ heels. Anything lower, and I’d rather wear flats. So yes, I rock 4″ heels everyday at work. I love it. Your shoes look awesome! And you look so artsy professional!

  2. Oh what a shame, I guess the skirt wasn’t meant to be.
    But the shoes definitely were! Love them.

  3. I love that dress too!!! That and a few others I’ve been admiring from afar…F21 is so good recently. Your shoes are amazing as well! And 4 inch heels even me out w/my bf but that doesn’t stop me!!!!

  4. Bummer about that one outfit, but psstt…I love this one just as much! Don’t tell the other outfit though. Oh, and I would kill to be taller. Ok, maybe not kill, perhaps maim but you get the idea. Embrace that height and work it like a model!

    That’s all for me with the lame pep talk for now. One last thing though, your hair is awesome like that! It looks like a side pony, but I’m not sure?! Either way, so great. 🙂

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