Summer Style Files 7.30.09

So our tripod broke and I am having a hard time taking pictures lately. I have been using the garbage can to set the camera on. I feel ridiculous outside dragging it around the yard trying to find some good light. Anyways, this is a shirt I have been making for a while. Well it actually was suppose to be a dress but I must have an alien length torso because it fits like a shirt. I am almost finished but I need to finish the edge on the arm holes. I tried to hide it in the pictures but the close up gives it away. I am just being lazy.


Hat: Target $6
Shirt: a jenloveskev creation
Belt: NY&Co.
Shorts: Express $20
Sanndals: Chinese Laundry (TJ Max) $20

  1. Laura •

    I bought a shirt today from h&m that looked like this one. i was like, did Jen get the same shirt? I was so surprised to see that you made it! I’m so impressed! And I love the idea with the belt, really gave me some ideas and inspiration. xoxo

  2. Whoah, you made this? Seriously, I’m pretty impressed with your crafty side! It looks gorgeous on you and I love the color!

  3. I love that shirt and the color is just perfect! The belt is great as well.

  4. Love the top – well done!
    I do the same thing for outdoor photos (shame)
    Really must invest in a tripod!

  5. You don’t have an alien torso. You just live in an era when some people like to pretend that shirts are dresses. Way to go for putting on shorts!

    P.S. I just posted your giraffe 🙂

  6. I love that top! You are very talented. Will you be selling that pattern? I have a super short torso, but I LOVE that cowl neck so I would modify the length but it’s super cute.

  7. love the shirt. i hope you can do a DIY about it.=)

  8. Holy cow. You made that shirt?! I am seriously envious of your sewing prowess! And that color is fantastic on you!

  9. What a great top!! I gave you a blogger award on my blog today!!

  10. I have the same problem with my ‘alien length’ torso lol not freakishly long but just long enough that I used to get in trouble in school for my mid-section showing and dresses being too short when I was wearing the same thing as everyone else! I like the shorts-thing, that usually what I do except with tights most of the time =P

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