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Boy oh Boy do I have a treat for you. I have been working all morning and well afternoon on this!! So there are a lot of statement necklaces out there now a days and I def. love them. They are so beautiful and such a great and easy way to dress up just about anything. I have been searching for one that is colorful though and most of them I have seen are just silver, gold or black. SOoo I decided to figure out how to make my own. I tired a lot of different things before I settled on this design and I absolutely love it!! I made 2 of them- one for me to keep and one to sell in my etsy store. There is only one so if you love it as much as me- go get it!!! I think it will look so stunning with a white tank and a black skirt- or a simple black dress or even just jeans and a top. It would go with so much. I seriously feel like there is a party around my neck as I have been wearing it around the house today.

You can wear it short, long, with a bow on the side. There are lots of options. It is made with a felt back with 4 layers of tool sewn on top. Then to embellish I sewed sequins, beads, and crystals. To tie I have attached a stain black ribbon.


  1. love this! very cute!!

  2. wow, great necklace idea!! the embellishments are wonderful!

  3. i love your white tank top in this picture – where is it from?

  4. That is super cute! You are very talented!

  5. Ariel •

    it’s very pretty! You are so talented! I am sure you enjoyed using it. I wonder, what kind of “tool” did you use to add the “tulle”?

  6. That is QUITE the statement piece! Love it!

  7. hahaha I guess I cant spell very well
    tool = tulle!

  8. Love this! As a jewelry designer myself, I give it two thumbs up! So much fun – it would make a great gift, too.

  9. I love the necklace, and your ruffle strap tank is super cute too!

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