Summer Style File 7.29.09

ok ok so I am going to cheat- I didnt wear this today. Ooops! This is actually a picture from vacation but I think it works well for a style file. Its a very simple one but hey simple works too!


Glasses: France
White Tee: Walmart $5
Denim Skirt: Old Navy $20
Sandals: Sears $4.99

I told you- Simple!

  1. when merited, I think simple works best. Just as it takes talent to mix several pieces for a coherent look, using just a few and still appearing stylish takes skill too!

  2. This is the beauty of vacation.
    Its the only time you can walk around makeup-less and still be glowing.
    Your hair in a pony and still look styling.
    Your feet in flipflops and still feel like you are in the most fabulous heel.
    Then to be able to wear a bikini under your outfit and it still looks good.


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