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I had to meet my mom at the Holyoke Mall this afternoon to exchange the kitties (its about half way between me and my parents and my mom had been babysitting while we were on vaca) anyways, I got there a bit early to meet erin on her lunch break. It was nice to see her in the middle of the week. I had been going thru erin withdrawals because I just spent an entire week with her. Anyone that lives around here been to the Holyoke Mall lately? The Forever 21 in there is beyond words. I think I walk around that store with my mouth open the entire time. I have been to lot of Forever 21’s in this country but none of them compare to the size of this store and I mean none. It is bigger than a department store. Everything is so bright and shiny, its just crazy- I go speechless. With time to kill before my mom got there I wondered around- well I wondered around in these shoes. I fell in love! I must have these shoes. I was good and didn’t buy them but that doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about them every min. since I left. They are beyond comfy and well I just need to have them. Then I just started drooling over all their cute skirts and dresses. When I got home I was super pumped to make todays I’d Wear That based on all Forever 21 stuff because of the Forever 21 high I was on. Kev and me have another art show opening in Troy this Friday and if I had it my way I would be wearing this and be on cloud nine all night…


J’amie Paris Tank: Forever 21 $11.80
Adorable Purple Skirt: Forever 21 $19.80
Bracelets: Forever 21 $5.80 x2
Totally Amazing Shoes: Forever 21 $34.80

Seriously I can’t get enough of this outfit!

  1. that sounds like the new portland, ME forever 21. it’s made up of so many different room-ish segments, & every time you see there’s another one you’re like – “REALLY? MORE!?”.

    i just brought my friend from the boston-ish area there this past saturday & she couldn’t even begin to contain herself. we ended up being there for about an hour and 1/2… at which point i started to wish i’d never brought her! haha

  2. i think you should buy this entire outfit cos I can imagine it’ll look stunning on you!! I wish we had f21 here 🙁

  3. Those wedges are to die for! I can’t wait for those F21 stores to open in Montreal…

  4. If you are still dreaming of the shoes it is a sure sign that it is meant to be and you should buy them 😉
    And you may as well buy that beautiful skirt while you’re at it…
    I wish we had F21 here too.

  5. holyoke, ma? i went to high school kind of close to there and sometimes they would bus us to the holyoke mall and it was BIG excitement. i don’t remember a f21 there (this may have been before f21’s time… i feel so old) but i remember that one of the first h&m’s in the states opened there and i just adored it. i still have some of the stuff i got from it well before it was the big phenom that it is now!

  6. Please, please please tell me you bought this outfit. Otherwise, I officially will start the “Help Jen Buy This Wonderful Outfit” fund right now. Don’t think I’ll do it? Oh, I will. I’ll rally the troops. Just you wait.

    I feel the same way when I go in F21. Overwhelmed in a candy shop of clothing goodies. I just wish a shop attendant like the one from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” would pop out and sing.

  7. this outfit would look so rad! I’m with Krystal on this one- you need this! They just opened up a new F21 in the North Shore Mall by me and the sheer size of the place is terrifying! it’s huge!

  8. […] Erin at Forever 21 on her Lunch break again and I was totally going to get that outfit from my last I’d Wear That, I searched that whole entire store to find that they didn’t have that skirt- sniff sniff or […]

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