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So I have been tagged twice recently by 2 lovely ladies (Orchid Grey and Krystal) to share things about myself. I loved reading each one of theirs and hope you find some interest in reading about me. Instead of tagging specific people- I tag each one of you reading to leave a comment with some facts about yourself! I love getting to know you guys and what better way then sharing a few things about yourself. Can’t wait to read!!!
1. I Think being married is one of the single greatest things.
2. Thinks I was suppose to be born in Paris
3. I have a cup or two of some sort of mint tea every morning.
4. I am a vegetarian who struggles with not being vegan beacause by eating dairy I am still eating what I dont want to eat in the meat.
5. is a sucker for cheesey chic flicks
6. is scared to make art most times because I dont want it to be bad
7. loves thrift stores and garage sales
8. I always feel the urge to move somewhere else then where I am- I am an adventure seeker
9. loves fashion and shopping (maybe a little to much-eekk!)
10. Loves yoga and running
11. Proud Canadian
12. Loves being an art teacher but has trouble not being discouraged when kids don’t love art as much as me
13. Is obsessed with kitties
14. is terribly blind with out my contacts or glasses
15. loves to still act like a kid- I hope I am always a kid at heart

  1. seriously though, you two are the cutest!

  2. 1. feel sorry for people who dont have a sister
    2. started my own business 4 months ago and now have an etsy shop (hasn’t sold anything but Im still pretty proud of it)
    3. Never thought i’d love blogging as much as I do
    4. Regret every day that i dont have a kitten (tiny apartment)
    5. still miss college
    6. dreams about visiting new york
    7. favorite things to eat are all dairy
    8.ready for summer to be over! (sorry teachers)

  3. 1. I was born with blue eyes and then they turned green.
    2. I love fluffy dogs.
    3. I would like to road trip down to the southern most tip of Chile.
    4. I’m alergic to everything. The cold, the heat, metal and fabric.
    5. I want to get my wings and own a plane.
    6. I love chedder cheese
    7. I wish I could play the piano
    8. I hate highways. Back roads all the way!!

  4. Whoops! sorry to have tagged you twice, you’re just so popular!
    – I talk to my cats

    ps- thanks for the inspiration shout out!

  5. 1. I am from Lapland, Finland. My home is 8 km from Arctic circle.
    2. Soon to be art teacher
    3. Mad at running
    4. I’m a fan of your style and blog
    5. Looking forward for the autumn: love the colours on the nature at the time!

  6. 1. I used to be a competitive Irish dancer.
    2. I’m married to a religion-student-turned-cop.
    3. I typically don’t like breakfast foods, although I find them more tolerable the later in the day it is.
    4. I love baths, and one of my dreams is to have a huge soaking tub in a spa-like bathroom.
    5. One day, I’d like to live on a horse ranch.

  7. hi jen!
    i love reading your blog and i love random facts like this!! they’re so much fun!! & i too am a proud canadian; yay 🙂
    . i was born on a friday the 13th
    . i want to travel soooo much!
    . i strive to one day (soon) open an etsy shop
    . i dreamed of being since i was in grade one…but didn’t try hard enough in schooling to follow through with it. sometimes i regret this (ps: i’ve never told anyone that)
    . i too am obsessed with kitties. i have one cutie, miss andy electric but want a hundred more!
    . i am obsessed with online shopping
    . i can’t WAIT to get married
    . i think the reason why i can’t decide what i want to ‘be’ when i ‘grow up’ is because i really just can’t wait to be a mum. i think that’s what i was born to do…plus fun, crafty things on the side.
    . everytime i see photos of your house it makes me soooo excited to have my own one day.

  8. I posted my 15 things on my blog. Thanks for sharing yours!

  9. Oh I’m such a big kid at heart too! I can’t wait until I have kids so I have a better excuse for behaving like one!
    I even usually love kids movies more than grown up ones… except for dance movies, they are my weakness!

    Thanks for your well wishes 🙂

  10. Laura •

    I love being married – I don’t understand when people complain so much about it.
    I’m addicted to lemon water – it is like crack to me
    I’m in love with my two year old – even when he’s bad i secretly think it’s adorable
    i spend a lot of my time “shopping” online but not buying anything
    Since being a mom I can be very sensative. I cry over some commercials – it’s so lame.
    I was homeschooled – but I wish I wasn’t and I wish i went to college
    I love the beach the city the mountains the country. I gotta live in more places b4 i die
    I think I’d be happy living on an island somewhere without my cellphone, grow my own food, but i think i’d need the internet
    I can be very hard on myself about everything.
    I’m a bible believer but I wish i could defend what I believe better
    I want to learn how to play piano, drums and guitar
    I secretly want to be the next food network star, the next top chef, winner of project runway, design star, american idol, dancing with the stars and practically every other reality tv show
    Sometimes my fear of not doing something well gets in the way of me doing anything at all.

  11. emily f. •

    A little bit about me…
    1. I adore you and Kev
    2. I heart your blog very much
    3. I adore you and Kev

  12. I love this game of random facts…
    1. Like you, I love kitties.
    2. Like you, I love being married.
    3. Unfortunately, if I get one more kitty (I have 3) i will be unmarried:(
    4. I think thrifting should be an olympic sport.
    5. I’m an international kid. Born in Korea, with Dutch citizenship and living in Canada.

  13. Oh, I’d love to play along. Hmm let’s see, here are a few:
    1. I am scared to death of driving. If I had it my way, I’d take a train everywhere.
    2. I have two metal rods in my back from corrective scoliosis surgery. If I didn’t have surgery at age 12, I’d be a hunchback today.
    3. I’m going to move to the country soon. I will create a haven for stray dogs, grow an amazing garden and have bonfires every night.
    4. I travel the US as a marketing director for a transportation company. I also do all of our company’s graphic design work. However, I’d like to quit soon and go to graduate school and be a school teacher like you!
    5. I collect bottles, bones, abandoned grocery lists and love notes.
    6. I love cooking and entertaining, miniature things, woodland creatures and men with mustaches.
    7. I hate fake nails, hairs in the sink and slasher movies.

  14. 1. I have a major junk food addiction
    2. Same goes for bad reality tv
    3. Total bookworm
    4. I loves shoes, way too much
    5. I talk about my cats as though they are my children

  15. “Proud Canadian”….tear….me too!

  16. 1. I used to get annoyed when mom made me cook. I HATED it! Now I love finding new recipes and making everything imaginable.

    2. I have the most sensitive nose ever. I can smell garbage or dirty dishes from a different room.

    3. I have this irrational fear/loathing of worms and slugs. The sight of them makes me a little nauseous.

    4. In second grade I decided I wanted to be a teacher and never strayed from that plan.

    5. In a dream world, I would be a party planner/event coordinator. I can’t stay organized for myself, but I can for other people!

  17. 1.I used to hate my southern sounding ‘two-name’ (Emily Rae)
    2. This is only the second time I’ve read your blog, and I love it! (I’m just getting into the fasion blog world)
    3. I love in Austin, Tx
    4. I am a musician and currently working on a project with my boyfriend of 8 months=]
    5. My kitty has a pink mo-hawk….he loves it alright!?!?(all natural chemical free stuff, only the best for Ziggy!)
    6.I am small but strong, I work in the bulk department of a natural food store in town; daily part of the job is pouring 50-60 lb boxes into tiny bins (grrr)
    7. I’ve been jumping around what I want to do in college to what makes me the most happy, and I think that fashion may be it=]
    8. If you saw pictures of me at age 12 or under you would laugh at #7, not now though lol.
    9. I was home-schooled for most of my younger days, which explains a lot of #8, (I was really really weird =/ ) but helped the style I have now become more original, and I wouldn’t change a thing about my childhood.
    10. and I want to ad more but my bf just got here and I want to spend some time with him! =]

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