Summer* Style File 7.27.09


So I put this outfit on this morning and it was one of those things where you aren’t sure of what you are going to wear but all the sudden it all fits together and I ended up loving this outfit. I love little silk scarfs!! I feel very safari like in this outfit. I need to go look for some lions or tigers, or bears (oh my!)
Scarf: Ralph Lauren $20
Tank: Walmart $5
Belt: Thrifted $3
Shorts: Thirfted $2.99
Sandals: Sears $4.99
Bracelets: Presents from Veau and Emily (2 wooden ones) other gold bangles from Claires

*Teacher Style Files return August 27th

  1. I love this outfit! So cute!!!

  2. Love this outfit! The shorts are so cute and I love the little detail on the straps of the tank top!

  3. It looks super cute and comfy!

  4. You’re incredibly adorable. And you always look *comfortable.*

  5. Loving the shorts.
    Congrats on your feature on Lucky.

  6. the scarf is a perfect touch, you should wear purple more often.

  7. Jenni Smith •

    I LOVE this one!! You are so hot!!

  8. emily f. •

    Too cute! Lovin’ that you’re wearing our bracelets we gave ya!

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