Over the Weekend (or week)

I am Back! Time to get back into regular posting. I tired to stay a little connected over vacation but the sea, beach, friends and love of relaxing got the best of me. hehe. I guess thats why my google reader gave up counting how many new post I had to read and just stated +1000. ouch! Can you guess what I have been doing all morning? After this I promised myself I would go unpack the car but I am majorly procrastinating. Anyways, here are the last pictures of our vacation. They are from the hubby’s camera so of course they are super nice. All in all we had an awesome week in Nags Head, we had great dinners, good time with friends, awesome waves, and lots of memories that we will cherish forever. I would recommend the Outer Banks to anyone thinking of going. Thanks to everyone who has been leaving comments on our vacation pictures thus far. I have enjoyed reading them all.

  1. Looks like you all had a blast! i wanna go …

  2. Man- these came out great! i need to get a disc of these immediately! i love the one of us when we’re being “crazy”….

  3. amanda •

    hahaha! erin…you look like you’re doing the robot in the last one. too funny!

  4. Jay is awfully sane for the crazy picture…

  5. haha I love that mike just left me his website address as#1deuce@wickedcool.com
    and I think we should have gotten a “crazy” picture with everyones impression of mikes poker face!!

  6. such great pictures! makes me want to be back there so bad!

  7. Love your photos, especially the sunset ones!

  8. These photos are GREAT! Thanks for sharing pieces of your vacation. I don’t think we’ll be making it to the Outer Banks anytime soon, but man, it is totally on my list of places to go now!

  9. You holiday snaps look amazing, I wish mine looked as good. I especially love the under the pier one!

  10. Nice pictures! I’m a sucker for pink skies 🙂

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