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So one of my favorite magazines is Lucky. I have always loved it because I feel like it is an obtainable fashion magazine- more on my level. Don’t get me wrong I love the editorials in elle, vogue etc… but I don’t have a budget or a life that fits those fashions. I was excited when I found out Lucky had a website called Lucky Style Spotter– it is sort of along the lines of Weardrobe or the flickr group Wardrobe remix. I signed up a while back and have enjoyed posting pictures as well as being inspired by other outfits as well. Anyways, about a month ago the website asked me if they could write a little profile on me. I was super excited!!! It just got posted so go and read about what inspires me, what I always have in my purse and a few other things. You can also check out some of my favorite looks on Lucky Style Spotter!!

Thanks to Lucky!!

  1. exciting!!

  2. congrats! that’s awesome!

  3. how exciting! congrats!

  4. excellent! cute outfit too!

  5. Laura •

    WOW! That was really cute – I liked reading that. It was great catching up with you yesterday. I really hope I get to see you next month. xoxo Oh and did you see Bachelorette last night!? I was rooting for ed but reed really had me when he showed up.

  6. Jenni Smith •

    Seriously!! That is so exciting!! Sometimes I want to live the exciting lifeyou do!!

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