Hello from Nags Head

Hey everyone!! I hope everyone’s week is going good so far. We are having a wonderful time here!! It’s so nice
to be by the ocean again. It makes us miss living in Hawaii very much. I went for a walk today and met a cute little 7yrs. girl who helped me pick some awesome shell pieces. The waves were huge today so we had a lot of fun playing. Here are some pictures from our day (they aren’t great ones just what I can take with my phone. I forgot the cable for
my camera to my laptop) Enjoy!!!


  1. wow – those shells are amazing! one of them looks like a butterfly. summer might just be my favorite thing about being a teacher. have fun!!

  2. ^^ agreed the shell pieces are gorgeous. Are you going to make something from them?

  3. Oh.. I wish we had some of the luxury by the seaside as you do there 🙁 Pics are just great! Specially the seashells.. I’m really jealous 🙂

  4. I’m so jealous! I’m missing the beach vacation this summer in the OTHER carolina that we always take…

  5. those shells are incredible!

  6. ah! i haven’t found such wonderful things on the beach in years!

  7. Those shells and rocks are devine! I think I stopped at that same waffle house last September when we drove from Toronto to Myrtle Beach SC…..

  8. Those shells are truly amazing! Is that a butterfly wing on the bottom of the pile? I noticed Kev is reading ‘The Elements of Typographic Style’—swoon! A man after my own heart. You two are the cutest.

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