On our way to N.C

So we have been driving all thru the night to get down to Nags Head- so far it’s been going by pretty fast. It’s neat to see the world in the middle of the night! Anyways, we stopped very early this morning for so much needed refueling at The Waffle House- Mmmmm waffles and hash browns!!


p.s. Photo credits given to kev and his iPhone!

  1. Waffles sound really good right about now! Have a nice trip.

  2. I love road-trips, one of the best things is getting into “Waffle House Territory”- they’re everywhere! Hope you have a great time!

  3. Yay for iPhone pics! Have a fun, safe trip and also I tagged you on my blog!

  4. I love your blog design, its the best I’ve seen I do believe.
    Great pics, I always get jealous of things like “the waffle house” sign, we just don’t have things like that here in the UK. boo.

  5. That iPhone takes great pictures. The sky looks lovely.

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