Summer Vacation!!!

ok ok so I have technically been on summer vacation for a little while but today we are leaving for Nags Head, NC its part of the outer banks. I have never been there before but I have heard good things!! I am super excited because it means a whole week of spending time with Kev and since he is not a teacher like me, he does not get as much time off so when we does its awesome!!! yippie!! I am not saying goodbye to the blogging world for the whole week. I will pop in and out with some photos now that I have my iphone, but the regular posts will not be happening next week. I will be back in full swing on Monday July 27th! I hope you all have a very nice weekend and week and I will talk to you all again soon!!


  1. Laura •

    I’ve heard great tihngs about that are of NC. I know my sister in law and bro in law love it there. Have fun!

  2. Have a great time!

  3. Sounds fun. Enjoy!

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