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So I think I am in love with chalkboard paint! I always see pictures with it used in houses and I just love it- I have yet to find a spot in my own house to use it, but I love the idea of using it in the kitchen to write grocery lists and recipes (like the picture below) on. My only questions are- does it erase good? and does it make a huge mess with all the chalk dust? Any one else have it painted somewhere in their house? Can any one suggest a good type or brand?


Let me know your thoughts!

  1. melissa •

    We have a small, strange walk-thru room that seemed to have no purpose except to, well, walk through it and take up precious space. So…….CHALKBOARD PAINT for my two daughters. Tula, who is 4, uses it for drawing and Emma, 13, and her friends play school on it.
    We painted it over wallpaper and i think that takes away from the integrity of it. Also, I got lazy and used the roller instead of the brush, like the can said. That was stupid. Now it is a little textured from the roller, which makes it hard to erase. We use a wet cloth, which works perfectly. It’s next to the phone, so we take messages on the wall, too. I have also been known to write notes to my husband like, “Pick up your sh*t!”, etc.
    We got it at Home depot. THey also have a magnetic kind, but we didn’t get that one.

  2. melissa •

    I meant that the can directions said to use a brush only, not a roller. THat didn’t come across well in my previous post.

  3. We actually used black chalkboard paint just like in the picture above. We originally were going to put up a black-tiled backsplash but in the end, opted for this cheaper, more interesting route. Honestly, I love the way that it turned out. We found a can of it an Lowes or Home Depot (we just asked the person at the paint counter; I don’t recall the brand off hand), and it cost roughly 15 bucks. It looks great although we have yet to write on it (ha ha). Let me know if you have any questions…

  4. Miriam •

    I don’t have this personally, although I certainly will once I have children! I have seen it used on doors, especially the front door…a good spot for reminding one self of something before leaving the house. Another cool place to put it is on a table…like a kids table…what a great excuse to draw on the furniture.
    Make sure to erase with a moist towel or sponge. That way you wont have to deal with chalk dust.

  5. i’ve been curious about this as well! i always see it in home pics and it looks so lovely! i have crappy handwriting though haha so mine probably wouldn’t look nearly as wonderful all written on

  6. i’ll let you know how it works in a few days… i just finished painting a little area in my mud room / entry way! i’m screwing a chalk tray into the wall and have little hanging clipboards for coupons + invites + such. i HOPE it erases well! i’m also wondering what it looks like if you ever have to paint over it (which would be sad!).

  7. Laura •

    I’m going to do a spot in Anthony’s room with it and I was wondering the same thing about if it erases well. I guess the first idea with using a wet cloth is a good option. I think it doesnt matter as much in a kids room anyway, I’d worry more about that in the kitchen. i think the idea is cool for a kitchen.

  8. I’m dying to do chalkboard paint in our kitchen too!

  9. I love this idea! I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile SOMEWHERE in our apartment, I just have to pick a space already!

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