House Hunting??

In case you are wondering I totally got an iPhone the other day which is why I can post stuff while i’m out and about and iam totally loving it!!! Yippie!! Anyways, I just checked out this house with kev and the realtor. We kinda liked it a lot but it’s so hard thinking about leaving are house. Any one else out there moved from the first house they bought?? It’s sort of a sad thing cause there will never be your first house again. We are excited to be near where kev’s work and all our friends in albany if we move though.


  1. aw – it looks really cute!!!!!

    andrew and i are looking around to buy our first home – while also saving for our wedding – not sure if we can do both!!! but i can totally understand it being sad to leave your first home together! but – on to bigger and better things! just think – you will get to design another beautiful home for you and kev (and the kitties) to enjoy!

  2. (ohh… not saying this house is bigger or better than your current home – but just saying… hah – sorry that came out wrong!)

  3. Did you get a “Polaroid” your photos app?! Oh geez………..

  4. This looks cute! Why the move?

  5. I’m totally feelin’ ya on the “first house” sadness. But, it must be done if we are to move forward. Good luck to you!

  6. JoJo Pierce •

    We just moved from our “first house” it was sad, but Ray and I feel more at home in the new house than we ever did in the first house. It does help that the new place has tons of character and you just know there’s cool stories about the house somewhere!

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