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So I designed a few totes a little while ago because I just love tote bags. I have like a million of them and I always spruce them up a bit so they will stand out from the rest when I am out and about. I use them to carry my library books back to the library. I use one I designed as a little beach bag for holding magazines, water and sunscreen. I even use to carry all my art supplies to and from classes in college in one I designed up. Whatever you’ll use them for I think these ones are super cute! I just added these 3 to my etsy store. They are all unique because I make ’em how I feel that day. I use scraps of old fabric and cut stencils to screen print an image on them. Then I dig thru my giant collection of used and vintage buttons to find the perfect fit. I hope maybe one will catch your eye and you will snatch one up to carry all your goodies. Go Check out my shop!!!

The Owl:

The Pirate:
The Rocker

  1. Those bags are great! you’re so creative 🙂 My favourite one is the pirate!

  2. keep it up jen – these look awesome! might have to buy one 🙂

  3. These are adorable! I love them, especially the pirate, although the anchor is a close second.

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