Boston with my Mom

I’m sitting in Quicy Market with my mom right now for a wonderful lunch on the most beautiful day!!

  1. I’m so jealous! I’d love to be there right now…. I haven’t been to Boston in way too long. I’d probably get some noodles at Wagamama & sit in the lovely outdoor seating.

  2. Erin A. •

    Looks like you guys got a really nice day! Those are the ones that I miss…

  3. Yesterday totally was a fabulous day to be outside!

  4. Laura •

    I miss your mom and boston. I mean, I miss you too. Remember that awesome food we got that day when we were starving and really wanted to eat outside? i still talk about the perfect tempora.

  5. oh man- I was telling my mom about that dinner while we were sitting there eating our lunch. Man that was so good. We must have been really hungry that night- haha

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