3.1 Phillip Lim

So I saw these pictures about a month ago but I can’t stop looking at them. I just love every piece of the 3.1 Phillip Lim 2010 Resort collection. Its so good!! I love the lace and the cropped pants and the cute skirts and the jackets!! Its all perfection. What are your thoughts??
Oooo p.s. I think I need to grow my bangs out now because I am loving the blonde girls hair!


  1. I really like this collection, too–especially the second outfit with the gray shorts.

  2. I’m crazy about all of these lovely looks. I don’t think I’d ever be able to pull off the cropped trouser, but everything else…for sure!

  3. amanda •

    i’ve always thought that phillip lim=perfection

  4. i love all the looks – and her hair! AND her legs!!!

  5. wow, they’re all beautiful! I love the muted tones too. I’m trying to grow my bangs out too, it’s so hard because one day I’ll see someone with bangs and think thats what I want, and then I’ll see someone without them and change my mind!

  6. ps- that last middle girl is kind of out of place, isn’t she?

  7. agreed- legs legs legs!!!

  8. Ooh, love them all! I need a little lace skirt!

  9. YES! 1 to 5 I’d wear in a flash, and the last one probably as well. 1 & 4 are my favourites, especially the polka dot coat, brown jacket and that awesome t-shirt… come on lottery jackpot!

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