Last Nights Dinner

So I made the most delicious lunch for myself yesterday!!! I didn’t want to finish eating it ever- hehe! It was a nice day out yesterday so I sat outside in our backyard and enjoyed my lunch with a tall glass of ice tea.

Its really simple…
All you need are:
Bread- You choose. I got a nice multigrain loaf from the bakery
An egg
Fresh Dill

Ripe center of bread out. Brush both sides with olive oil. Heat up a frying pan and place bread in. Crack an egg into hole in center of bread and cook to your desired egg liking- hard or easy, flipping so it cooks egg and bread on both sides.

Slice tomato and sprinkle with fresh dill
Slice avocado
Place all on plate and eat!!!

  1. That looks yummy!!

  2. This what I love about summer, delicious simple meals. This one looks fab.

  3. Katie •

    ooo, that looks fabulous.

  4. I love your little egg bread thing. I think I will try this since I am still learning.

  5. yum! I love avocado and I am definitely trying this tomorrow! I’ve used a shot glass as a “cookie cutter” to make the hole in the bread. It works great!

  6. Yum!!! My dad calls these “flop houses”, I guess because they’re floppy house-shaped things when you make them with typical sandwich breads. They’re a delicious breakfast food too!

  7. This is AMAZING! I love eggs and bread (add some cheese and I’m in heaven). I am going to try this tonight for dinner. I’ve never heard of it before.


  8. I just made this meal, minus the avocado (but I had fresh NJ corn!) and it was delicious. Thank you so much for the recommendation!

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