Over the Weekend

This weekend flew by! We had a very busy but wonderful weekend. Saturday morning we drove down to the Bronx Zoo to meet Jenni, Toby and the boys for the day. I was so excited to see them!! They live in Hawaii so I we don’t get to see them very often. I saw them in Feb. when I flew out but Kev hasn’t seen them in almost 2 years. Crazy! The boys are getting so big! It was really great seeing them and spending some time together. I love that family!

When we left the Zoo on Saturday we drove straight on up to Utica to see our friends Matt and Kath. We went up because we were all running in the Utica Boilermaker 15k on sunday!! I have never run this race before but it is crazy!! 11,000 people run!! People are crazy about it too- hehe. It is sponsered by Saranac Beer because you finish right at the brewery- so there is a major post race party with bands, and dancing, and food, and goodies, and all the free Saranac you can drink. It was really a fun time. I didn’t think I would be able to drink after running 9.3 miles but everyone is there in their race gear dancing and eating and drinking and you kinda just get into the “lets celebrate” mode. I usually run by myself at races but Kev signed up for this race too, so for the last little while we have been training together and we ran the whole race together. It has been so fun doing it with each other. Way better than doing it alone. I think its going to be our new thing – A race running duo!!! I am really glad Matt invited us to come along this year and be part of it. We will def. be back next year!

We were going for the 70’s look with our sweatbands!!! ha!

  1. I love your polka dot skirt in the first picture! So cute! And the fact that you two run together – also super cute.

  2. yes yes cute skirt. I can really admire people who have the stamina to run.
    I cannot. I have a bad back and even walking fo too long sets me back (I’m talking like 8 hours).
    So good for you for going for it!

  3. Eric A. •

    OH boy! Utica has the distinction of the worst place I have ever been in my life! It’s dumpy to the max! The run looks like fun, though, and the Bronx Zoo is great. I want an Encourage Others shirt.

  4. Also love the skirt! Is that the one you made?
    (Super cute in the style files above too!)

  5. Props to you guys, I am SO not a runner! I love the coordinating race outfits!

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