Have a great weekend!

So I wish you all a wonderful summer weekend!!! We are off to the Bronx Zoo tomorrow to see lots of animals but also to get together with our dear friends from hawaii who are in town!!!! I cant wait to see them!!! Then we are driving up to Utica tomorrow evening to stay the night and then run The Boilermaker 15k on sunday. Its going to be a busy weekend- but then again when don’t we have a busy weekend? yippie!!

I leave you with this picture of Hannah and me at six flags today. It is beyond me why an amusement park would pick an old man that dances as their mascot but as creepy and weird as he is we totally had to get out picture with him today. haha. (he stole me hat!) p.s. I forgot how much I love waterparks. So fun!!

oooh also thanks for all the comments about house ideas! I loved reading every one and I do agree- I love an old house with a modern twist (decorations and furniture) set against the old charm of the house. That is why I love our house so much now- it’s going to be a hard house to leave if we decide to move for real.

Also, I am glad to see so many Bachelorette fans out there!!!

ok ok now I am going for real- Have a great weekend!!

  1. ugh! I hate that mascot! The six flags commercials with the Venga Boys song annoys the heck outta me!

  2. I love waterparks too! I’m a waterslide junkie.
    New Zealand is definitely lacking in the waterpark department.
    (and that mascot is incredibly creepy!)

  3. hahaha i would have had to take a picture with him too!

  4. amanda •

    hey! my mom and step-dad brought parker to six flags on the same day! you probably saw him if you were in the water park at some point.

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